A Comprehensive Guide on how to Choose an Engagement Ring

Choose an Engagement Ring

Love makes the world go round. So at any given point of time, someone somewhere will be preparing for an engagement.They will be looking at different engagement rings and wondering which one would help them express their love in the best possible way. Here is how to choose an Engagement Ring for your other half.

Lovers on every continent are looking to make grand gestures to show their other half that they mean the world to them. No gesture has ever beaten getting an engagement ring. Receiving this ring is universally recognized as a guarantee that the proposer wants to spend the rest of their life with the person they propose to.

Natural diamond jewelry is beautiful and every woman will attest to treasuring their collection of these items. Since time immemorial, couples have always valued diamonds because of their exquisite beauty.

Choosing the perfect ring becomes easier when you expand your knowledge of diamond engagement rings. Do your research and figure out how much you are willing to spend on an engagement ring before you go out shopping for one. The information you gather would also help you decide between buying an engagement ring that has authentic diamonds studded on it or choosing a ring that has lab-grown diamonds instead. Although artificial diamonds are beautiful they may not be what you are looking for.Knowing the difference beforehand not only helps you set a realistic budget, it helps you avoid getting a ring with lab-grown diamonds by mistake.

Here is a comprehensive guide to help you shop for an authentic diamond engagement ring.

Decide on a Budget

Many couples regret rushing to get engaged before looking at their financial status first. It does not matter how in love you two are, making a poor financial choice can come back to bite you later in life.

If you choose to surprise your spouse with a diamond engagement ring, it is better to start saving for one early to prevent yourself from falling into debt trying to impress her. After all, if the two of you have gotten to a point where you are willing to spend the rest of your lives with each other, you do not have to prove a point.

She probably knows about your financial situation and may not appreciate you overextending yourself by buying an expensive engagement ring. Instead, you are sure to win her appreciation when you use your knowledge to plan responsibly for such a huge milestone in your lives.


If you have your eyes on a princess cut diamond engagement ring, you should understand that it does not come cheap. Money plays a significant role in determining the kind of ring you buy. When you decide on a budget early, you get to explore all your options in advance and decide on an engagement ring that is not only beautiful and well designed, it will be one that you can afford.

Do not select a ring just because it has a big stone; instead, look for meaning in your purchase because your spouse is going to wear it for the rest of their lives.

Remember there are no rules set in stone that determine how a couple should choose their engagement ring. Discrepancies in the amount each individual earns means that a budget that works for another couple may not work for you. Even if you earn the same amount as the next man, your responsibilities and lifestyles are totally different.

Choose a Ring Style

After you settle on a budget, selecting the style of engagement ring you want becomes easy. Think about the types of clothes and accessories your spouse likes to wear and use this as a guide to find a style that will suit them best.

Remember that engagement rings are meant to be worn for a lifetime. You want to buy a ring that will compliment your spouse’s wardrobe. An engagement ring that receives your partner’s seal of approval will get you the reaction you are looking for when you finally propose.

If you have a hard time selecting the right style, try asking a professional jeweler to help you with the selection. You can describe your partner’s sense of style to the professional and they will use the information you provide them to present you with appropriate styles.

The way a woman dresses will determine if they would prefer a classic ring, a modern ring, a glamorous ring, an engagement ring inspired by nature, or even a combination of everything. Women are not as complicated as you would expect; all you need to do is take your time to understand their taste.

Your partner may also drop hints. If you notice that she always touches a particular princess cut diamond engagement ring, it may be a sign that that is the ring she wants. As grown-ups, you probably have discussed your engagement because you have to cater for the ceremony as well.

Learn about the 4C’s

You probably never heard about the ‘4C’s’ until you started shopping for an engagement ring. The 4C’s are used for the classification of diamond engagement rings. The 4C’s are an excellent guide that will help you narrow down and find the perfect diamond for the engagement ring you plan to buy. The 4C’s are as follows

  • Cut

The first C refers to ‘cut’ and it expresses the overall beauty of the stone. The correct cut allows a diamond to shine. Ideally, diamonds should refract all the light that falls on them for its beauty to be seen.

Modern diamond cutters use a specific set of proportions to ensure that they get the right angles that harness the stone’s internal brilliance.

  •  Color

Color If you thought that diamonds come in only one color, then you are wrong. Since diamonds are sourced from the earth, they are likely to be influenced by traces of other elements that exist in the earth’s crust.

Diamonds with less color are more brilliant than those that have more color. If you want a colorless diamond, you will have to dig deeper into your pockets because they cost more.

  • Clarity

For most diamonds, there is actually more to them than meets the eye. If you do not know much about diamonds, it is best to work with experts. It takes a professional to notice a blemish that has been cleverly hidden.

The clearer the diamond, the more expensive it will be. If you are looking for a perfectly clear stone, you should work with a trusted jeweler who will not dupe you into buying an engagement ring that has a diamond with inclusions.

  • Carat

When it comes to the classification of diamonds, this is the most visually apparent factor. Carat is a measure of the overall weight of the stone and is used to determine the value of the stone. The heavier the stone, the more expensive it will be.


As you can see, there are a number of factors to consider when you Choose an Engagement Ring. Take your time so that you purchase something that your spouse will appreciate.


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