Refresh Your Look with Jewelry That Has a Modern Twist

Refresh Your Looks with Jewelry That Has a Modern Twist

The world of jewelry is versatile and dynamic.This is one of the reasons why jewelry has remained relevant over the years. Jewelry designers are always under pressure to create stylish designs and adopt new ideas to meet the changing tastes of their customers. Here is how you can refresh your looks with unique jewelry.

Jewelry lovers demand only the best.This is why the best fashion brands launch new trendy collections every year. Most trending pieces are not new. However, they are given a modern twist to fit with the times.

This post explores trending features, styles, and designs that you can expect to see when buying a gold chain today.

Traditional Jewelry with a Modern Touch

Designs and jewelry ideas borrowed from different ages and cultural movements are given a new lease of life, by infusing them with a touch of the modern spirit. These include styles and designs from antiques, Victorian, Art Nouveau, BelleÉpoque, Edwardian, the Art Deco era, Retro jewelry, and Mid-Century jewelry.

The modern era of jewelry that started in the 1960s is filled with change where you can refresh your looks with its unique styles. This makes things interesting for jewelry lovers. This era saw a shift from the conventional styles of making jewelry, and boldness in the choice of design, colors,and materials, among other things.

From 10k gold rope chains, earrings and bracelets, to bridal jewelry, you can now find any piece you like with a modern touch. You can also find unique pieces of jewelry from stores like Puravida Bracelets that you can find online. Wearing these kinds of jewelry can elevate any outfit to a modern and chic level.

Add a Flair of Modern Style to Gold Chain to Refresh Your Looks

If you love trendy jewelry, you can now enjoy a blend of classical jewelry with a modern touch. There is no denying that most jewelry from bygone eras still ooze class and elegance.However,some may look dated when worn with modern outfits.

Factors such as sustainability in jewelry making, trending jewelry colors, and new metals and gems make it necessary to add a modern flair to your jewelry. If you are on the market for a new gold chain, you will encounter some interesting takes on the traditional piece. Some of these unique changes to Refresh Your Looks include:

1.       Wide range of Styles

Gold chains have been around for tens of thousands of years. They are among the oldest and most popular accessories.  A gold chain is a staple in both men and women’s fashion. It is no wonder that so many styles have emerged. There are new takes on the traditional gold chain. These include:

  • Gold rope chain: This is one of the most beautiful gold chains. It oozes class and a modern touch. It consists of gold metal segments twisted to resemble a real rope. The twisting pattern makes this a durable and robust chain, suitable for formal and informal occasions.
  • Figaro chain: It is a simple yet fancy chain made of an alternating pattern of flattened links in varying sizes.
  • Box gold chain: Thischain is made of square links that link to form a continuous smooth chain. They are tough and have that unmistakable modern look.
  • Mariner/Anchor chain: This gold chain borrows inspiration from the nautical world. The links resemble chains connected to anchors.Theyhave a distinctly modern and intriguing appearance.
  • Singapore chain: A gold chain design featuring a series of interlinked segments to create a beautiful, elegant, and sleek appearance.
  • Snake chain: This chain design consists of a series of small rings tightly connected to create a smooth, sleek chain. It is a delicate, yet a stunning take on traditional gold chains.
  • Cuban link chain: These are among the boldest gold chains available. They are popular among hip hop musicians and celebrities. If you want a head-turner, this modern link chain is a great option here.

2.       Glamorous Pendants

While most people want to make a subtle statement with their necklaces, there is no limit to what you can do with your chain. For instance, the best 14k gold rope chains on the market give you a chance to show off that awesome pendant you always wanted.

You can go with precious stones, customized metal pendants, Jesus pendants, coin pendants, etched pendants, bar pendants, ring pendants, or any other type of pendant that suits your style.

3.       Diamond-Cut Gold Chains

You can get yourself a gold chain that has some more character, by choosing a chain with diamond cuts. These notches, or grooves can be cut into the metal by a jewelry designer. It is a type of finish that gives your gold chain a unique look and feel.

It makes the surface of your gold chain glisten because it catches and reflects more light. The name comes from the bright flashes of light that resemble those given by diamonds. You get the appearance of beautiful diamonds sparkling on your gold chain.

4.       Gender-Neutral Chains

One of the biggest trends in gold chains is the gender-neutral style. You can now choose from jewelry collections without worrying about which gender the chain is suited for. When comparing 10k gold rope chains, you will note that most stores indicate they are gender-neutral, which makes things easier for buyers.

5.       Bolder Gold Chains

If you love hip hop music, you will have noticed how popular gold chains are with most musicians. This trend started in the 1990s.But today, almost every hip hop and rap musician has a collection of big gold chains. From Jay-Z, Kayne West, 50 Cent, Dr. Dre, and Lil Wayne, it seems these chains are standard part of their attire.

Over the years,this trend has influenced jewelry designers.Most fashion houses now creating these chains for the mass market. They are large, bold, and come in different styles. You can choose a gold chain in any style you like and add a pendant to it if you so wish. The traditional gold chain has received a remake influenced by the music industry. If you are the outgoing type, wearing this gold chain for a casual outdoor event is a great way to make heads turn.

Wrapping Up

These are just a few of the changes in the style, design, and outlook you expect to see on modern jewelry. If you love gold chains, you are in for an amazing surprise when you hit the market. There are new, bolder styles, unique finishes, a wide range of pendants, and other ways to customize your chain.


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