How To Choose Kitchen Pendant Lighting

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Having the right lighting fixture at home can help increase productivity and relaxation. The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in a home; it has become the center of homes. Installing the right lights not only brightens up the kitchen area but also adds to its personality and overall look.

Now, if you’re wondering what kind of light would suit your kitchen, well, the answer is pendant lightings. These types of lightings are usually known as suspenders, and often installed as a single light fixture hanging from the ceiling. The light hangs from a cord, chain, and sometimes a metal rod to fix it in one position.

Pendant lighting is great for your kitchen and even bathrooms. However, choosing the best pendant lighting for your kitchen can be difficult, as there are multiple variants. This post providesvital information that will help you in choosing the right pendant lighting for your kitchen.

Why Consider Pendant Lighting?

If you’re wondering why you need pendant lighting, well, here is a simple explanation. These lights are the most popular lighting choices you could come across. These fixtures hang from the ceiling and consist of one or more bulbs.

The perfect fixture of pendant lighting offers a target lighting sense for whatever is below. They come in different sizes and shapes to not only make your kitchen look good but also fulfill your lighting requirements.

Pendant lights produce light in a specific and small amount, making it the right fixture for areas that require a specific amount of light, such as your kitchen island. Pendant lighting can be useful in saving money on electricity as well. Hence, these lights are a must-have in homes due to the benefits they provide.

How To Choose The Right Pendant Lighting

Evaluate Your Kitchen

The first thing you need to do before purchasing and fixing any lights in your kitchen is to evaluate your kitchen first. When designing your kitchen, at the very beginning, you must determine the feel and look you want.

Determining this at an early stage will give you an easier choice of setting the perfect lighting. Pendant lights have the ability to change the look of the kitchen.Therefore, if you want pendant lights in your kitchen, make them the central point to design your kitchen.

This means you need to select the right tiles, flooring, the texture of the cupboards, the color, and in the end, perfect lighting to set the right tone and mood for your kitchen. Once you have designed your kitchen, it is time to select the right pendant lighting. However, before finding the right shape, you must determine the right color.

Color of the Pendant Lights

This is quite an easy step since choosing the color of your pendant lights would depend on the color theme of the kitchen. This means, if your kitchen has neutral tones, a splash of color will uplift the layout of the dining area. The pendant lighting will help make a bold style statement while adding functionality. You need to find a color that simply blends in with the kitchen décor.

Globes Brightness

Once done with the color, you need to determine the brightness level your kitchen requires. An easy way to get around this is to purchase a pendant lighting that has a globe with a temperature of at least 3000k. Other than this, add dimmers so that you can adjust the brightness when you have guests over and when it’s just you cooking something.

Shape and Size of the Pendant

The next and final step to determine the best pendant lighting for your kitchen is the shape and size. This is also an easy choice for you to make if you have followed the above steps correctly. The shape and size of the pendant lights will depend on where you need them.

If you have a large kitchen island, two large pendant lights over it would be perfect. However, for under cabinet lighting, a smaller version will work, and you may need more than two pendant lights.

Types Of Pendant Lighting

As we mentioned before, there are multiple versions of pendant lighting, brass and crystal chandeliers; they come in different sizes and shapes and offer various benefits as well. Now, let’s look at the types of pendant lights and determine where they will look best in the kitchen.

Mini Pendant Lights

The best position to fix these lights has to be over the kitchen bar or island. Mini pendant light with a long enough cord to fix the light provides enough lighting to prepare meals or perform other kitchen tasks. The light will not only radiate warmth but also give an elegant touch to your kitchen.

Linear Suspension & Multi-Light Pendant Lighting

The linear suspension and multi-light pendant lightings can add to the personality and look of the kitchen. You can hang these fixtures over dining tables and kitchen islands. It is quite common for homeowners to have tables in the kitchen nowadays. Therefore, if you have a rectangular-shaped table, these two options are best for you as they go exactly with the kitchen’s look, making it more attractive.

Drum Pendant Lighting

Installing multiple drum pendant lamps in the kitchen can add a relaxing, charming, and warm look to the kitchen. Drum pendant lightings are an alternative to the mini pendants if the latter aren’t getting the job done for you. These are drum-shaped chandeliers, giving the kitchen a whole new look. Not only will you find this lighting to be perfect for your kitchen, but even your guests will admire you for the aesthetics.


We have shared some necessary tips to help you make the right choice when it comes to choosing pendant lighting for your kitchen.

Make sure to think about the lighting you want in your kitchen. What type of look you want and what would make you happy. This will ultimately help you in getting the right set of lighting you need for your kitchen. Remember, while pendant lighting tends to be more decorative, you must choose the pendant that provides functionality.







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