Top 5 Online Casino Safety Rules in 2020

Safety Rules in 2020

Staying safe when gambling online is paramount. There are numerous casino Safety Rules in 2020 out there. They tell all about minimizing the risks and making sure your venue is a good one. But more often than not you end up having to sift through them to get something actionable. 

Safety while gambling on the internet goes beyond just keeping your private information secure though. Fair gambling practices, regular audits, and commitment to transparency – these define a proper online gambling establishment. 

The most important thing to remember is, things aren’t always what they seem. Even if a certain venue looks good on paper, you need to take that information with a pinch of salt. Have a look at five very useful casino Safety Rules in 2020 to make sure you’ve been doing it right. 

Rule #1: only a licensed website 

A gambling license means the casino underwent all sorts of inspections and paid the dues. As long as this is a current license with any of the gambling authorities, count on fair treatment and safe environment.

You can find the type of license held and its number at the bottom of the page in most cases. There isn’t a way to verify the numbers, but it’s a good sign if this information is readily available and visible.

Rule #2: secure payments

One of the most important online casino safety rules has to do with payments. When making a payment, you must always be redirected to a secure portion of the website. 

This is very easy to control by simply looking at the URL line. At the beginning of the address line, you will see a green lock and an “https” following it. If any of those are missing, close that page and never come back. 

Rule #3: hold on to your money 

your money 

This one is more about keeping your money safe (and accessible). Many players don’t think twice before providing an incorrect name and other info upon registration. Unfortunately, that often comes back to bite them in the behind. 

All reputable online casinos conduct verifications. This is required by the license and actually a good thing, meaning you are dealing with a serious casino. During verification, you are expected to produce an ID and a utility bill to prove residence. 

Those must be a match for the details entered upon registration. Otherwise, you risk getting your account blocked and the winnings confiscated. 

At Televega casino you are also supposed to undergo verification before making the very first withdrawal. Once verification is completed, withdrawals are processed at lightning speed 

Rule #4: do your research and read the fine print 

Before you join any online casino, it never hurts to do some homework. That homework involves reading some reviews and checking if other Aussie players had any issues before. That info is easy to find and will provide an insight into what you can expect from the venue being considered. 

Checking the bonus terms is just as important. It will save the trouble of losing the bonus and winnings as a result of violating their terms. 

Rule #5: don’t be in too much hurry 

Everything seems to check out and the website looks legit. But don’t throw all the money you have at it just yet. All casinos offer the possibility of playing for free, and this can be done for as long as you deem necessary. 

Being cautious is justified, so take your time. Have a look around and as you navigate through the features available, make sure everything feels right. Making a deposit is quick, real quick, so it’s wise to do it when you are 100% sure. 

As a conclusion 

The above casino Safety Rules in 2020 are based on first-hand experience and questions asked by novice gamblers most often. You should find them easy to follow and ultimately really useful.

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