Women & Floatation Therapy – A Match made in Heaven?

woman floating inside floatation tank

Stress-related health issues among women such as depression, anxiety, and insomnia are all more prevalent in women than it is due to men due to the high expectation placed on them by others and themselves.

This is especially true when it comes to young mothers who are expected to be good mothers and also look good at the same time making being beautiful and fit more like a chore than a voluntary want.

In truth, the functions of a stay at home moms and as well as working mothers is higher compared to men due to their natural instincts to give their best to their families and most women go out of their way to accomplish this.

This trait in women which is generally taken for granted places serious mental pressure on them leading to a variety of other ailments among which the most common being fatigue, burnout syndrome and in some cases even complaints of gastric.

This coupled with their duties to manage their families and in some cases juggle family and work adds to their levels of stress and this only gets worse during their monthly menstrual cycles or when a woman is pregnant. In summary, it’s far from easy to be a woman.

Modern science has come to find that the physiological process revolving around alleviating stress reaction which is generally referred to as ‘relaxation response’ that is only attainable when individuals are able to go into a state of deep relaxation (opposite to our natural “fight-or-flight” response) has been seen as an effective remedy to relieve individuals from stress symptoms.

Stress symptoms are directly linked to the parasympathetic nervous system which is capable of ‘messing up’ heart rate and blood pressure not to mention inducing irregular respiratory frequency. Lately, however, researchers have come to find that there is a holistic approach towards combating stress-related symptoms, this approach is via using floatation therapy.

Floatation therapy which revolves around blotting out external stimuli in order for the brain to ‘get rest’ is a short-cut to meditation which is known to alter our brainwaves into ‘calmer modes’.

It is a fact that when sensory input and external stimulation that influences bodily movements such as gravity are reduced, the brain is able to recalibrate our chemical balances quite effectively.

The use of floatation therapy comes in handy from this perspective based on the fact that most people are unable to engage in relaxation exercises sufficiently in order to induce deep relaxation upon them self, thus the use of the floatation tank and floatation therapy.

Clinical trials have presented undeniable results that floatation therapy works well with highly stressed women and is able to reduce stress levels significantly within a short period of time.

It is due to this that spa owners who provide floatation therapy services are beginning to spot an increase in female customers who report feeling generally better after a few sessions.

According to these women who suffer from various ailments which include discomfort with pregnancy, PMS related issues, migraines, stress, depression and anxiety, the symptoms have seemingly become more manageable just after a few treatments.

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