Best ATV Tires Review in 2019

ATV Tires

The use and function of ATV Tires are quite obvious and clear. These are high-quality tires which comprises an aggressive as well as non-directional tread pattern.

These tires are featured and packed with a radial-like composition so that even braking and along with that smooth riding time can be maintained.

Maximum traction is served by this specific kind of tire. Below we have written down the reviews on the best ATV tire versions.

Check out them, furthermore, the promising feature of this tire version is that it is great to be used on desert, mud and even on dirt and rock applications. Below-mentioned is absolutely great all terrain tires for you:

  1. Roadstar Complete Set of 4 All Terrain ATV/UTV Tires

These Roadstar Complete Set of four All Terrain ATV/UTV Tires consist of an original and real equipment tread design. In this full set, you will get 2 front and 2 rear tires.

If you think that your current tires have lost their original quality, then it is a time to do a complete replacement. The tread depth of these tires is 0.79″, 25×8.00-12. These are heavy 6 ply rated, nylon constructed tires which can easily resist all kinds of puncture situations.

These are the tires which can resist abrasions at the same time as well. Moreover, it is their additional shoulder lugs which are going to completely protect the rim and too sidewall.

We suggest you buy these tires as they will offer you top notch handling job even if you are using them in rock, dirt and muddy sites.

  1. Motorhot ATV/UTV Tires

These Motorhot ATV/UTV Tires are highly suitable for rock, must, desert and mud application sites. Firstly, talking about the dimensions, this tire tread depth is 0.79″, 25×8.00-12.

They are made and constructed by using the nylon material. Even more, they are heavy 6 ply rated. The special feature which is offered by them, they can seamlessly resist and tolerate punctures and too abrasions.

The presence of additional shoulder lugs will give this tire rim and sidewall extended amount of protection. No matter you are driving over rough terrain, these tires will be able to perform a cleaning smooth driving action.

One can say that these tires are a name of better and amazing traction. The aspect of high-quality construction makes these tires as the best ATV Tires. Now is the time to get a significant smooth ride on all rough trails by installing these tires on your vehicle.

  1. 2 New WANDA Sport ATV Tires

How about using these 2 New WANDA Sport ATV Tires! These tires are packed with a low profile design. Most importantly, you will only experience controlled sliding and also added comfort, excellent stability from their side.

As these tires have a directional “V” angled kind of tread design along with the presence of wide gaps, this feature promotes excellent and smooth riding time. It is over rough terrain that the rider will receive better traction experiences and cleaning action modes.

Talking about the tire specifications, the tire size is 18×9.5-8 and its pattern number is P311. It is 4 ply rated and its tread depth is exactly 0.59″, rim width comes out to be 7″ and maximum load capacity is 255lbs@10psi.

  1. Kenda Scorpion K290 ATV Tire

Kenda Scorpion K290 ATV Tire is ideal for those riders who do not want to spend big prices while buying tires for their vehicles. It has received 2-ply rating, the load capacity offered by this ATV tire, it is 225 pounds and these are actually tubeless tires.

Their solid center rib is going to give you high-speed stability. Most noteworthy, it is their V-shaped sort of unidirectional grooves which will offer the rider extensive and improved handling even if riding on dry and wet roads.

This tire optimal design will constantly offer great traction no matter you are on the snowy surfaces. You will experience superior traction time even in woods and these are also great to be utilized in the desert sites.


So, all these ATV Tire versions are going to deliver the high performance at their best. The reliability which you are expecting from them, they will deliver exactly that! Try any one of these tires which are a name design, innovation and too technology.


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