A Quick Guide for Professional Resume Writing

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professional resume writing

A Resume is a brief summary about you, and if you’re seeking a good job, it should be a professional resume free from any typos, errors and any grammatical mistakes because it gives a very bad impression to the hiring manager. An employing manager receives thousands of resume on a daily basis and surely your unprofessional resume which is vague, difficult to read, covered with error and full of inconsistency, will directly go to the trash bin.

As a professional job seeker, an unprofessional resume makes you look unprofessional and can cost you every opportunity.

How to Create a Professional Resume

To create a professional resume first, you need to organize the details of your work experience and educational background.

Selection of Resume: you can select a resume on the basis of personal circumstances or on the basis of the job opening.

Types of Resume:

  1. Chronological
  2. Functional
  3. Combination
  4. Targeted

It’s valuable to give time for the selection process because it’s a very basic of professional resume writing and can be very vital for you to get your dream job.

Format and Layout

Visibility and readability of resume play an important role in the selection process, hiring manager to easily read your job history, experience, and accomplishment.

Dos and Don’ts

  1. Font Size should not be too small or too large; it should be 10-12.
  2. Prefer using TIMES NEW ROMAN, CALIBRI or ARIAL fonts.
  3. Use standard margin and avoid the dense block of text it makes resume difficult to read and also look visibly bad.
  4. If you’re submitting a hard copy of resume make sure the background should be light or creamy colour because coloured paper doesn’t look good and can be distracting for your recruiter.


Formatting of a professional resume should be consistent. Like if you’re using bullet points to define your achievements and responsibilities in your previous firm, make sure you use same bullet point throughout the whole resume you can’t use a dot at one place and arrow at another place, it creates an inconsistency in your resume. So be consistent with bullets, font size, and font styles.

Cover letter and Emails:

A cover letter is must for applying in any job, for a professional resume a cover letter is must, make sure you attach a cover letter with your resume because it could increase your chances of getting the job. Send an email which fits the job profile and company profile because personalized emails always tend to grab the attention of recruiting managers.

Hire professional services:

If you are confused and finding it hard to figure out how to write a professional resume seek out professionals help. They can provide you assistance and can give you valuable feedback, which will definitely help you to get your dream job. Try to find professional resume writing services or career counseling services they can guide you through the whole process and can make your work easier.

Keep your resume updated:

Keep adding your achievements and accomplishments so when you’ll give it a makeover or apply in the new firm you won’t be missing any details in the resume while writing your resume. It also helps you in maintaining your resume in chronological order.

Focused and Creative:

Most of the job aspirants think that more content in a resume makes it better but it is not correct, adding extraneous information in the resume is not a good thing, your resume should be telling about your skills and attributes that make you eligible for the job. One or two pages is enough to give the relevant information to your recruiter, writing several pages won’t give you any job.

While writing your resume, be creative with your thought process, especially when you are applying for a creative job, or you are into a creative field; add infographics, video, and links to your resume. Being creative and out of the box thinking can help you to attract the recruiters and employers,

 Editing and Proofreading:

Editing and the proofreading is the crucial part, resume with error and typos gives a wrong impression to employers and recruiters. Make sure your resume is free from any grammatical and spelling mistakes, so proofreading is very important in order to achieve that. Sometimes you can’t see your own grammatical and spelling mistakes you need fresh eyes to look that, so ask your friend or your seniors to do proofreading for you.

While editing your resume make a checklist to make sure that you added all the important and relevant which makes you eligible for the job opening.                         


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