When Lucifer Season 5 will Release on Netflix? Get Latest info

Lucifer season 5

Fans of Lucifer are inquisitive about Season 5. They have enjoyed Lucifer Season 4 on the Netflix. Now they have started questions about its next season. Last year, Fox canceled this tv series, but Netflix decided to bring it back to life; it all happened because of fans. They started a campaign to save the show.

This show is saved, and fans are happy that they get a chance to watch Lucifer Season 4. However, they won’t stop here. If they are waiting for the Lucifer Season 5 release date, then they are not wrong because Lucifer Season 4 left them on a cliffhanger. They want to know what will happen next in the tv series.

Fans are not the only ones who are excited about Lucifer Season 5, cast members especially the lead actor Tom Ellis don’t want to let go this show right this moment. He thinks that Season 4 is not the end of the series; they have much more to show and to tell their audience.

In a recent interview, he said “With any show, you could ultimately finish at the end of any season, and you’re either left with a massive cliffhanger and people are left unsatisfied, or you get the opportunity to tell your story until the end. I think that we would all love to come back and do a season 5. We’ll have to see what Netflix says”.

Netflix didn’t provide the release date of Lucifer Season 5. This online streaming service is quite secretive about the release date and launch of the new season as we know that Black Mirror special standalone episode’s release date was announced one day before its arrived on Netflix.  Thereby, it is possible that Netflix surprises its viewers in the case of Lucifer.

Lucifer is one of the most binged-watched tv series on Netflix so we can assume that Netflix will renew it for another season in the upcoming month.

Lucifer Season 5 Release date

Usually, Netflix takes a gap of one-year in case of a very famous tv series season. If we assume that Lucifer is renewed then its Season 5 might be available for online streaming in May 2020.

What is Plot of Lucifer Season 5?

At the end of Season 4, king of Hell gone back to its home. However, we know that Lucifer is all about the interaction of Lord of Hell with the cast of Lucifer. So, we know that Tom Ellis won’t stay at home for long and will come back in Season 5.  What do you think?


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