Supernatural Season 15: Renewal, Release date, and Cast Details

Supernatural Season 15

Fans have watched Supernatural Season 14, and they started asking about its next Season like when it will come and who will be in the cast. So, I got new about its release date, plot and cast. It’s time to unlock all these pieces of information.

There were rumors that The CW TV might not renew Supernatural for Season 15. When these rumors hit the web, fans got upset because they were not ready to let this long-running fantasy tv show to go like this.

Supernatural Season 15 Renewal

These rumors proved wrong when The CW official renew Supernatural for Season 15. It was good news for the fans, and they took a sigh of relief. However, this news comes with a bad story. Supernatural Season 15 is going to the last Season of the series.

The leading stars of Supernatural Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki made a Twitter announcement that now they were saying good-bye to the supernatural in the 15th installment. In a video message to his fan, Jensen said: “We just told the crew that although we’re very, very excited about moving into our 15th season, it will be our last.” ( 23 March 2019).

Who will be in the Cast of Supernatural Season 15?

All old cast members from Season 14 will come back in Season 15. Showrunners have not any plan to surprise the audience with new characters. The main focus will be given to a fantastic conclusion of this long-running tv show of The CW TV. Of course, they will bring some big twists in old storylines. We have to see what will come next.

Supernatural Season 15 Release Date

At this point, we don’t get any update regarding Supernatural  Season 15 release date from The CW TV. However, if we check back its release history, then one thing we now that new Season usually air in late October. So, on the base of a wild guess, we can say that Supernatural Season 15 will release on The CW TV in October 2019.

Supernatural Season 15 left the audiences with so many questions and secrets, so I’m sure that we will get answers and unlock some mysteries in the last Season. What do you think?


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