“When They See Us- Four Episodes Series”: When is coming on Netflix, Here are all Details that You Should Know

When They See

Netflix always brings a fantastic series for us that contain different stories. Now, many Netflix lovers are waiting for one of the upcoming series ” When They See Us” Ava DuVernay is the director and writer of the series.

What Will be in ” When They See Us”

Basically, it is a real crime drama that follows the group of five teenagers and declares guilty in a rape. This American drama will explore the racial tensions of the state. However, this rape is not committed by them, so in all four episodes, they fight to prove themselves innocent. The series contains four chapters and all broadcast once.

The series follows the story of the Central Park five case where five teenagers have falsely convicted a rape that they did not commit. The group of these five from Harlem arrested in 1989 for the assault of Trisha Meili’s rape. They endure twenty-five years to prove their innocence.

However, the series leads their journey to prove false incarceration from 2002 to 2014. So let’s see what happen in this four-episode series. Here check out the teaser trailer of the series as well as release date and cast star names.

“When They See Us” Show is coming on Netflix

Almost two weeks have left, and you will able to see this series on Netflix. Yes, it will release on 31st May 2019 on Friday. All four episodes of the series will air once.

Who is in ” When they See Us”?

The five rising talented stars are included in the series. It’ll be one of the fantastic show. Here all cast stars are mentioned.

Micheal K.Williams, Vera Farmiga, Felicity Huffman, Felicity Huffman, John Leguizamo,  Niecy Nash, Blair Underwood, Christopher Jackson, Jovan Adepo, Asante Black,
Ethan Herisse, Marquis Rodriguez, Jharal Jerome, Joshua Jackson, Storm Reid, Dascha Polanco, Chris Chalk, Freddy Miyares, Justin Cunningham.


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