Meryl Streep Won’t relax until she finds out the truth, ‘Big Little Lies’ Season 2 premiere

Big Little Lies

Big Little Lies is back to get the attention of its fans. The story begins from where it ends in the first season. They would like to know what the Monterey Five are up to after killing Perry in Season 1 finale.

The Premier of season 2 titled “Big Little Lies: How I Spent my Summer Vacation.” Every woman has some sort of burden in heart and mind, so what we can predict that it wasn’t so easy for them to pass their summer vacation.

The biggest threats for all these women are just one – Merlyn Streep, who is the mother of Perry. Mary Louise is quite determined to know all the secrets and lies related to his son’s death. She doesn’t believe in the story all these women gave to the police.

The Premier revealed the situation of Monterey Five. Celeste has a hard time enjoying sound sleep; she is haunted by nightmares.  Madeline one the other hand is very busy, and it is the usual thing about her character. Jane has got a new job, Renata is as usual Renata. Bonnie came back after spending her summer vacation inLake Tahoe with her family.

Mary Louise confrontation with Madeline wasn’t that good; she insulted her by saying, “You’re very short…I find little people to be untrustworthy,” Mary Louise says to her face.

Madeline Asked her how she is doing then she replied “I can’t complain. Actually, I can. My son is dead.”

Another main meet up was Madeline and Bonnie whose conscience is back. It seems like she can’t take it anymore. She has guilt that she killed a man and then lied to police about it. Madeline comes to know all about this when she confronts her one night. Bonnie claims that it was Madeline who lied and they all follow her.

Bonnie is not the only one who is struggling with self-conscience and guilt. Another person is Celeste, who is a survivor of domestic abuse. She has to play the role of Widow of that person who abused her during their marriage period.

Premier  of Big Little Lies Season 2 ends with a nightmare where Celeste saw that she is alongside all her friends in a police lineup. When they take their position, a person appears on the other side of Glass, that person is Perry. As soon as she looks at him, she starts screaming, “‘”I’ll f—king kill you.”

She wakes up and continues screaming it. Her mother-in-law comes into her room and tries to relax her. Once she calms down, she asked from Celeste, “So, who are we planning to kill?”

And this is a kind of questions whose answer is very tricky. Mary is a kind of mother who would never give up on his son’s death until she finds the truth. Let’s see what upcoming episodes of Big Little Lies brought for us. No doubt, Premier was genuinely engaging and


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