Battlefield 5’s New Update offers a Fix for Significant issues


Players of Battlefield were having a problem dealing with AT Rifle. Good news is that Battlefield 5 Trial got the fifth update, you can get its latest version 1.16 on PS4. This new update is not the major one, but it still fixes some issues which were faced by gamers.

According to patch notes of this update,

  • It fixed an issue with a Boys AT Rifle Specialization. This rifle was doing the wrong kind of damage which wasn’t expected by the user
  • If you were having some problems in resetting Specialization, then today is your lucky day as this error is fixed.
  • The players also get the Assignments tied to weapon progression. Players were unhappy as they were not getting the proper rewards after completing an assignment. This new update has fixed that issue as well.

There are some Firestorm fixes which are:

  • The players who leave the server will also drop their inventory on the ground.
  • Some players were landing earlier on a map as compared to others, now this issue is resolved.
  • This new update increased the draw distance of other players’ parachutes.
  • The developer has boosted up the stability of Spectator mode.

This fifth update for the game isn’t the major one. There are still some issues which need a quick fix. However, we will get more updates in the upcoming months. Battlefield 5 is available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. If you didn’t play it yet, then you are missing a fantastic multiplayer game. Go and enjoy it now.


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