Fear the Walking Dead 502: Time to Know About Grace

The Walking Dead’s

Grace is a new character of Fear the Walking Dead 502. She is a reactor worker who is also exposed to radiation and doesn’t have many lifetimes left. She is determined to take out irradiated walkers.

In the old series, we met with the walkers who were challenging to handle or to kill. In the latest series, the showrunner has introduced radioactive walkers. These walking dead people are not easy to kill.

Many characters of the series are expert enough to kill walkers. But this time they need to deal with Radioactive walkers who are not the regular one. If you got their blood on your skin, you get exposed to contaminated particles and then you simply join their team.

The enemy is more powerful than before.

Who is Grace in Fear the Walking Dead?

Grace is a new regular character of the series. You definitely want to know more about her.

 “We wanted to show how difficult it was for our people to help out in the world, and Grace was someone that we thought of as a particular challenge for Morgan and Alicia and everyone else,” co-showrunner Ian Goldberg.

“At the end of episode 501 at that scene outside the truck stop, Morgan says, ‘It should be hard. That’s how we know we’re on the right track.’ Here in 502, we meet Grace, who we find out throughout the episode is hunting down and killing the people who died as a result of the plant, the nuclear plant melting down, that she feels responsible for causing.”

The meltdown of a pressurized water reactor turned already dangerous walkers into radioactive walkers as they get infected with contaminated particle. Grace is a part of a clean crew , she is the just the one-woman who has a big challenge of identifying irradiated walkers, and for this purpose, she takes from dosimeters.

Morgan and Alycia offer Grace to join them, but she turned down their offer. She is exposed to lethal doses of radition, and she doesn’t have much time left.

“She’s someone who suffered exposure herself and feels that she doesn’t have much time left. With the time she does have left, she thinks the only thing she can do to make up for her actions is to find and essentially take care of the people she cared about that she couldn’t help when they were alive,” Goldberg said of Grace’s colleagues, a number that originally totaled 63.

“This is a huge challenge for Morgan and Alicia. How do you help someone like that who is at such a low point? That’s going to be the challenge before Morgan and Alicia going forward. But also, is there any light at the end of the tunnel for Grace, or is this all there is for her?”

“We just really didn’t have the room for it, so it’s something we kind of had in our back pocket that we were very excited about and just having walkers that weren’t as easy to kill,” added co-showrunner Andrew Chambliss.

Now the new and old character of Fear the Walking Dead need to find a way of dealing with hard to kill kind Radioactive Walkers. We will see what they do to survive in that dangerous world.


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