MakeUp Tips and Tricks : 5 Iconic Beauty Influencers Worth The Follow

Iconic Beauty Influencers

With the most google searches flooded with way-too-many articles on makeup tips and tricks, it has become relatively difficult to come by makeup products reviews that are actually effective and not-too-repetitive. Here’s a tip : instead of browsing through generic websites, why not gain some insights from Iconic Beauty Influencers, too? They won’t be called influencers or icons for no reason after all! 

If you are sold on the idea of getting advice from someone aside from your favourite online magazine for women – here is our list of top 5 recommendations of Iconic Beauty Influencers who are worth tapping that follow button for. 

Patricia Bright 

Who would say no to awesome beauty and make up tips for beginners or even some advanced makeup tips? Definitely not us. Patricia Bright makes it on our list because aside from her makeup prowess, she is quite a personality too. Her personality and humor are integrated very well into all of her Youtube Videos and Instagram posts. That is exactly why we love her! 

Huda Kattan 

If you have been a beauty enthusiast for quite a while now, it would not be that big of a surprise if you have already heard of Huda Kattan. This beauty influencer does not only give comprehensive makeup product reviews – she has, in fact worked with some of the world’s biggest beauty brands such as Dior and Chanel. Her page is now fully dedicated to her brand but every so often, she still partners or works with other beauty giants. Aside from that, another thing we love about her is that she lends her platform to other beauty-influencers-on-the-rise!

Genelle Seldon 

One look at her profile and you can already tell that she always slays. And by always – we literally mean every single time, all day, everyday. Genelle Seldon is both a beauty and fashion influencer with over three hundred thousand followers on Instagram alone. If you are looking for makeup routines that you can wear with your favourite outfits – Genelle is the best person to follow and take cues from. 

Em Ford 

Em Ford started out as a blogger and she is undoubtedly one of the very few influencers who were able to transition successfully from being a traditional blogger into a social media influencer and vlogger. Typically, the beauty industry gets a lot of flack for “setting unrealistic expectations”. Well, tell you what – Em Ford is out here to change that and she is doing an absolutely amazing job at it. Just like a lot of women all over the world, Em suffers from severe acne. She does not only share advanced makeup tips or makeup product reviews, she also shares her personal battle with self-image. 

Manny Guttierez 

If it is authenticity that we are talking about, then it is definitely Manny Guttierez who tops our list. Aside from his undeniable makeup skills – one thing we completely adore about this influencer is his spontaneous and raw lifestyle posts. For instance, he has been quite vocal about being body positive and has even shared about his hair restoration surgery. We stan! 

Did your favourite beauty influencer make it to the list? Let us know in the comments! 



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