Surprising Information about Dabs

Information about Dabs

The market has various forms of concentrated marijuana. For instance, you will come across ointment, tinctures plus gummies loaded with Cannabinoids. Oil is extracted from the marijuana plant, after which it is processed into different forms. Most people use marijuana, but dabs are new to many people. If you don’t know much about dabs and dabbing, you can’t skip this article. It answers the question of what are dabs. Keep scrolling to learn more information about dabs.

What are Dabs?

The popularity of dabs is skyrocketing among marijuana users. For those who have no idea, dabs are extracted from marijuana. They are alternatively known as weed dabs. Dabs users either vaporize or smoke the dab weed. Some dab users use weed to make dabs for themselves, but this is not encouraged since you may not know the right amount of THC to consume. Therefore, users are advised to buy dab concentrates from a reliable source.

A quality dab contains the right amount of THC. However, first times should are encouraged to use dabs with caution. This is because dab weeds can contain over 80% THC content. Consuming a high amount of THC for the first time is dangerous since you may have to experience lots of dabbing side effects. In a moment, we are going to look at the process of making weed dabs.

How do Dabs work?

Dabs are a composition of potent concentrates. However, dabs come in different forms, which include;

  •         Oil; this is also known as honey oil. It features a thick liquid with dark gold color. You can smoke or vaporize honey oil or even eat it.
  •         Wax; this is similar to the brown sugar. It is coarse and with a color that resembles the earwax.
  •         Butter; this is a twin to the peanut butter, not to mention that it is malleable.
  •         Shatter; this one is identical to the amber glass. It’s semi-transparent.

How to Make Weed Dabs

To make dabs, you have first to prepare cannabis concentrate. Begin by removing essential oils from the cannabis plant. Note the extracted concentrate may be in different forms. Each of the various forms mentioned above contains around 50-90 percent THC. The amount of THC available depends on the extraction method used.

Place the concentrated extract on a hot surface and it will bubble away, hence releasing a great vapour. You can use a glass pipe to suck the vapour produced. Note that carefully made dabs tend to be safer and cleaner compared to conventional cannabis. Note the poorly prepared concentrate may cause lots of side effects. Nevertheless, dabbing is more discreet since dab vapour does not smell.

What are the side effects of dabbing?

Dabs are cleaner and flavorful compared to smoking. However, dabs are potent and can affect some users negatively. For instance, you can experience spins, especially if it’s your first time. This is why it’s advisable to consume low amounts of dab if you are a first-timer. Also, ensure that you apply a safe and reliable extraction method.

Finally, above all mentioned information were about dabs you can dab if you want to use weed concentrate with top levels of flavour or potency. But for novice users, you should at least begin with a vape pen. It will help you familiarize yourself with the information about dabs.


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