Some Use Things To Consider Before Buying An Invisible Bra

Invisible Bra

Stick-on or invisible bras, as they are popularly known, are the go-to choice when you are to wear a top or a dress that has a deep cut in the back or is completely backless. However, most women, including those who have used invisible bras in the past, are skeptical of using them. They feel these bras will be quite uncomfortable and fussy to manage. 

Stick-On Bras And How Use Are They

In many cases people think that stick-on or invisible do not work or are not enough if you wish to wear them for long hours. So, if you are visiting an invisible bra manufacturer, it is best to go through this blog post for a comprehensive idea about stick-on bras.

Choose The Right Fit And Type

More often than not, people stop being particular about the fit and the type of stick-on bra. However, factors like the plunge design and the cup size are important to consider. Moreover, buy the size that fits you the best and only buy those with an elongated side wing. The side wings are important for holding the bra, and small side wings can make the bra quite uncomfortable. 

Consider The Stickiness

The invisible bra is quite sticky. After all, if the bra has to stay tight and give a perfect fit, it has a stock enough adhesive. Yet, the adhesive should not cause allergies. One easy way to test if an invisible bra is sticky enough is to buy a test pack and try on a bra. 

Usually, sweating causes the adhesiveness to be affected adversely. So, you can wear the bra and try performing some rigorous physical activity, or if you wish, you can perform a few of your favorite dance steps. Once you are sweaty, and if the bra still does not give way, you can rest assured that the adhesive is good enough.

The Transparency Of The Wing

In the previous point, you have seen how important elongated wings are in getting the right fit in your invisible bra. However, beyond the fit, the transparency of the elongated wings is also worth considering. 

The elongated wings can be slightly visible from the back when you wear a backless dress, so ask a friend to check if the color of the elongated wings matches that of your skin tone. Apart from the color, the elongated wings should also be very light, like a second layer of skin, and not like a sticky, patchy pad.


An invisible bra is usually made of silicone and has an under-layer adhesive that helps keep the bra in place. However, most people do not trust invisible bras and drop the idea of wearing a backless top. But if you are careful about the fit, the cup size, the depth of the plunge, and the nature/ strength of the adhesive, then you can get hold of a comfortable, invisible bra that will last long.


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