6 Tips to Follow Before Creating a Pet Portrait

Pet Paintings
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Pet lovers always find a way to demonstrate their love for pets. They make particular space in their room for their pets; they take selfies and post it on their social accounts. They feel amazing when someone like their pet pictures.  What about hanging a pet portrait in your room? A wall portrait of your pet is a perfect demo of your love and attachment. Whether you want to make a portrait of your pet or some other’s person, you should have a clear idea about six tips you should follow.

Let’s find out what these are.

Tip No.1 Get to Know the Pet

If you are an artist who has got a task of drawing a portrait of pet, then you shouldn’t start right away. Instead, you have to try getting an idea about a pet’s personality.  You can meet with the owner of the pet and then ask about his pet’s quality, routine, and traits. Every dog is different has some unique characteristics which only his owner can understand. So, it is better to sit with the owner and even his pet, whether it is a dog, cat, or any other creature.

The main idea here is to collect all the information about your subject. This information helps you show off his mood- facial expression. Some dogs are quiet while other is aggressive. Some cats are sweet while others don’t mind going into the fight. So, before you even start thinking about grabbing a pencil and copy. It is essential to meet with the owner and get a complete understanding of your subject.

Tip 2. Collect Photos

Creating a Pet Portrait

Ask the owner to provide you a complete collection of his pet’s photos. He must have tons of it.  When you have a collection, you can easily find one- the best picture which you can turn into a pet wall portrait. The more photos you have, the better angles you can explore before finalizing the best shot. You would be able to create the best pet paintings on photos. The primary purpose is to sort out the best picture from the collection and then work on it.

Tip 3. Make multiple sketches

It might seem tiresome job at first, but it is entirely worthy.  There is no need to draw just one sketch. The real game is to play with multiple face angles, try various expression. When you have numerous sketch, it would be easy for you to decide which one is the winner and which one quickly relate to the pet personality.

Tip 4. Underpainting is a must

A sketch of an image in paint is a must do work for you. Underpainting helps you set the precise dimension and angle of your lovely pet portrait. When you have an excellent underpainting, then with the help of a few contrast and strokes, you would be able to achieve a life-like pet painting- that would be praised by everyone who looks at it.

Tip 5. Choose perfect Shades

Creating a Pet Portrait

When you have a palette in front of you, sometimes you get confused about whether to paint the face with yellow or skin, whether the fur is black or brownish-black.  If you want to make an exact-look portrait, you must have to pay attention to the picture of a pet taken under sunlight. Ask about this kind of picture or visit the pet and note down his body color palette before you start painting his portrait. It is vital to create an image that offers a clear reflection of his real-body colors. Therefore, follow your notes and choose colors wisely.

Tip No. 6 Try to Paint in Layers

As an artist, you know that people portraits are always painted in layers. You can follow the same rule for a pet portrait painting. You need to create layers in a picture. For this purpose, start with basic colors and then start adding the finishing touch to your painting through the addition of extra details and textured required to make a life-like portrait of a pet.

Wrap Up

I have shared six tips you can follow when you are going to create a lovely pet portrait. If you have your special drawing and sketch tips, feel free to share with us.


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