Portable Screen: How to Use Your Smartphone as a PS4 Second Screen

Portable Screen: How to Use Your Smartphone as a PS4 Second Screen

The advancement of technology has enabled us to achieve different kinds of achievements. Technology also made it possible to access additional means for our entertainment. Smartphones, in particular, have newer models that allow us to access different programs that were only accessible through the use of a computer. PS4 Second Screen App allows its users to play games at home or anywhere they are. In this article, we will guide you through its steps. 

There are certain features for console users that they can enjoy playing games on the go with the use of a smartphone. Playstation, for example, has an app that enables its users to enjoy every bit of the features of their consoles.

What is the Second Screen App?

PS4’s PlayStation App was first released back in 2013 that allows the users to see which of their friends are online, receive notifications, and customize their PlayStation Network profile. It is a tool designed to assist you with your game sessions to make it easier and entertaining. The Second Screen App allows you to control different features on your PS4. 

Through the years, Sony made various updates to its app to give its users a better experience. In 2017, Sony released a redesigned version of the app, which was also made available for Android and iOS smartphones. Moreover, Sony also announced that the PS4’s second screen will have its app, which allows the users to view live broadcasts. 

How to Set up Your Account 

Before you can enjoy the features of PS4 Second Screen app, one of the things that it requires is for you to have a PlayStation Network (PSN) account. Having a PSN account will allow you to use any of its services and additional apps. If you don’t have a PlayStation Network account, here is a guide to help you set up your PSN account on your PS4 

  1. Select New User, and click Create a User on the PS4 log-in screen and click Next.
  2. When you see a “New to Playstation Network?” click Sign Up Now. 
  3. It will lead you to a new page where you have to provide all of the necessary details. After that, select Next on each screen. 
  4. Create an Online ID that you want other users to know and enter your first and last name. 
  5. Choose your Friends, Message, and Sharing settings to your preferences. 
  6. After you’ve filled in your details, click Read and Accept the Terms of Service of PSN. 
  7. Check your email for the verification link to verify your account. 
Advantages of the Second Screen App

The app has many features that can be used to your advantage. One of the many benefits is the ability to easily navigate the PS4 menu with your smartphone. The app also allows you to access the chat and messages in your account, which is hard to do with a controller. The app can also be used as a map or a radar for games that support the Second Screen app. 


The advancement of technology did truly give us more opportunities to enjoy all sorts of entertainment. The possibility of connecting a smartphone to a console is genuinely satisfying, especially when it offers a lot of advantages. If you have a PlayStation 4,  you should start utilizing the PS4 Second Screen App.


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