Time to Celebrate: Emojis You Can Send on Someone’s Birthday

Time to Celebrate: Emojis You Can Send on Someone’s Birthday

As you already know, birthdays only come around once a year. However, birthdays are celebrated by anyone, regardless of religion and tradition, because of various reasons. First and foremost, birthdays are a time when a person, including their friends and family, acknowledges the day of their birth.The emojis for birthday is usually presented to the celebrant on the anniversary of the day they were born.

Various cultures celebrate birthdays differently. Some cultures celebrate birthdays with gifts and festivities. There are also others that celebrate birthdays and some other religion-specific activities. In the technological age today, the majority of the birthdays are celebrated online. With the use of emojis, you can give your greetings a deeper meaning.

Birthday Emoji ?

The birthday emoji is a cute little icon that exhibits a cake and a single unlit candle in the middle. This emoji can also be applied to a personal message or a social media post caption greeting the happiest birthday to your friend, family, or loved one.

The emojis for birthday can be accompanied by other related emojis that can help make a deep and sincere message. A birthday emoji is also an indication of the person’s upcoming birth anniversary, marking the day to be filled with lots of festivities together with friends and family.

Partying Face ?

A partying face emoji is basically a small icon with a yellow face wearing a party hat while blowing a party horn surrounded by confetti. The emoji can be used in various joyful occasions such as birthdays and New Year’s Eve. It’s basically an emojis for birthday that represents a person having a really good time.

Shortcake Emoji ?

A shortcake emoji is represented by a small icon showing a piece of sliced cake. The emoji is generally a piece of strawberry shortcake that’s layered with a scrumptious whipped cream. And to top it all off, it has a single strawberry as a ‘cherry on top.’ Similar to the birthday cake emoji, the shortcake emoji can be used with birthday occasions or by merely eating a cake.

The Balloon Emoji ?

The balloon emoji is represented by an icon showing a red balloon on a small string. The balloon is usually portrayed in red color. However, different platforms show the balloon in different colors. For instance, WhatsApp’s balloon is pink, and Google’s balloon is colored orange. The balloon emoji is mainly used in most celebratory occasions, especially when someone wishes a particular family, friend, or loved one a happy birthday.

Wrapped Gift Emoji ?

The wrapped gift emoji is a small icon portrayed by a box that’s tied with a bow. The emoji is generally used on occasions such as Christmas and birthdays. The color of the box and ribbon may vary from various platforms, but the meaning and general use of it is still the same. The emoji is commonly used in some holidays, special occasions, and celebrations.


In the technological age where most users have digital keyboards with various emojis for birthday built into them, sending a message made it a lot more efficient and easy. While the emojis comes with many disadvantages like misinterpretation, the emojis still have many positive applications.


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