Walt Disney World Florida Reopens Amidst COVID-19 Surge

Walt Disney World Florida Reopens Amidst Covid-19 Surge

The Walt Disney World Resort in Florida has reopened even when the cases of coronavirus are going on increasing. The Magic Kingdom and the Animal Kingdom started operations from Saturday. Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Epcot are scheduled to open today. Visitors need to wear masks all the time and follow safety protocols across the complex in Orlando.

Florida has reported 287,789 coronavirus positive cases so far and 4,409 people have died. Disney had closed down the resort in March as soon as the reports of America’s outbreak of COVID-19 was reported.

Covid-19 Surge in Florida

Initially, the rate of infection was largely increasing across California and New York. However, Florida has seen a recent surge of infections. The Walt Disney World Resort is based in Orange County, which itself has reported of around 16,630 cases so far. It is one of the highest records of Florida.

Many places across Florida have levied restrictions again in order to contain the virus. The restrictions were lifted in May to restart the economy. However, the current surge is concerning and must be acted upon immediately.

Walt Disney World Resort reopening

Despite the coronavirus outbreak, hundreds of people were seen to go to the Disney flagship resort last Saturday. Competitors like SeaWorld Orlando and Universal Orlando have also started operations.

Disney resumed limited operations in four parks in Asia and Disney Springs, which is an outdoor shopping mall of Orlando. The brand has reported having lost $1.4 billion of profits within the past three months due to the pandemic.

Disney’s theme park chairman, Josh D’Amaro, said that the world is changing around us, but they believe that they can reopen safely and responsibly. He said that COVID is here and they have to figure out ways to maintain the best safety measures and adjust with the new normal.


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