How to Increase Download Speed: 18 Tips For Faster Internet

how to increase download speed

What the tech-lover faces the biggest problem in the present day is internet speed. No doubt, to accomplish most of our daily activities, we need a smart internet connection. But, what it feels when there is slow internet, and you’re suffering too much while how to increase download speed downloading a file! Yes, slow internet is a significant problem not only for you but also for many people. Probably, you have tried and applied all of your efforts, but did not get that speed of your expected level!

No worry, today I will provide you the best 20 tips on how to increase download speed that may relieve you from sufferings anymore.


Your internet speed depends on multiple factors, yet, the solution might be there. What you need to read our tips, applying them carefully; we’re pretty sure to overcome speed problems & get faster speed.  

Do A Internet Speed Test on how to increase download speed.

While you’re facing the speed problem, the first important thing is to test your internet speed. For thy newbies, it requires a few knowledge on Mbps, a kind of unit of speed measurement. Knowing your current rate will help you to take the next step effectively. The speed test is an easy task; you will find lots of platforms online for free. Among them, a speed test is one of my favorite tools, provides almost accurate data. So, you can run multiple tests, see the scores on whether the speed is stable or not? Are there too many discrepancies, not up to the mark, you should go for the next move to increase download speed.

Check Barriers in Your Router

Sometimes barriers in the router cause notable delays in your download speed. If your router is not positioned well, it faces obstacles transmitting the signal and communication with the wifi. In that case, you should check your router location. It happens that we put the router in a place where some metals type objects excellent communication. So, you better place your router from where your device can get top-performing signals. Thus, relocating the router in a perfect position could make your internet faster.   

Your Router Needs a Temporary Break

Your router is supporting you for a long time without any break. Moreover, you’re experiencing slow speed due to router over performance. In these circumstances, most of the tech-savvy suggest resetting your router can significantly increase speed performance. Even, you lose your internet connection at a sudden point, then resetting your router should be in your priority list. For that, you can perform router resetting regularly, better once in every two weeks. Also, it is one of the most natural things to do to speed up your connection, gives refreshment in your internet connection. 

Check With Different Router

It may happen your current router has ended up with its efficiency. Routers are there to support your internet access without any break. In the current market, you will find routers from different prominent brands. You feel not enough internet speed, and you may check with other router buying a new one from the market. But, one thing you need to make sure that your newly purchased router is compatible with your desired plan. 

Closer Your Router how to increase download speed

To get better internet, your devices need strong wifi signals. But, if your router is too far away may transmit a weak signal. Moreover, the thick materials are significant barriers to the natural flow of the message. I find some people put the router in a corner position of a house, lots of walls are there, not an excellent position at all.  If you notice something like that, you should experiment with the best location for your router and try to position it as much as possible closer to your devices.  You’re living in a place where multiple users wisely find out the middle position, which is best suitable for balanced signals. In this situation, relocating your router in the middle of your flood can be the right solution. 

Ensure Network Security of how to increase download speed

Your internet speed is closely related to your security facts. Sometimes, it is possible to lose your top portion of your capacity, and you may not know it. The evildoers snatch your bandwidth for data mining, affects speed, can cause significant damage to your devices. Consequently, it is a significant security threat and falls under silent crime. The biggest worry, you may catch on criminal activity by the law enforcement authority that you have never done. So. you should care about security checkups o your devices and internet connection.  

Network Security From Shared Users & Viruses 

To ensure your network security, you can log in to your router and check for the network sharing. Consequently, it finds any dubious linkage, should immediately remove and change your password. Also, you should set a strong password that never is stolen by non-trusted users, including WPA or WPA2 protection. The more complex your password is, including number, symbol, or special characters, it will be difficult to steal. Also, changing password periodically is right for your security and increase download speed. 

Yet, there is an issue of guest network access, and in this situation, you can create a separate network system for your guests for temporary access. While downloading, you can turn firewall protection to prevent viruses from damaging your files. No doubt, it will make your internet connection safer and faster. 

Ethernet Conirms Stable Internet

When we talk about the fastest internet, then the choice comes to Ethernet without any hesitation. Ethernet connection is more convenient and comfortable compared with a wireless connection. Yet, it may not be possible for all of your devices to connect with the Ethernet, but you can connect your top devices and rest for wifi. Ethernet transmits direct signals to your device, which means there is no system loss or third party usage. If you talk about the safer internet, then there is no other internet safe as ethernet. 

Professionals or organizations who deal with tons of online work, they mostly prefer Ethernet connection, can perform equally even with heavy loads. Among the devices, desktop computers, TV, or gaming consoles are usually connected with Ethernet cable.  

Malware and Adware Free Connection

Malware and adware are serious threats to your internet connection along with devices. They could absorb most of your bandwidth and do harm to your files located in your devices. Moreover, they are easily transmittable to other devices without your consent. While we are using the internet and visits hundreds of pages every day, so it is no surprise to be attacked with malware & adware. Especially, the novice internet users face lots of troubles popping-up their windows, which means unexpectedly installed adware. For that, you should do device scanning with antivirus to catch them up and erase to secure your connection on a regularly basis. 

Block Website Ads of how to increase download speed

Whenever you’re using websites, you may get bothered with tons of ads around the web pages. Actually, when a website runs its’ activities, they are in need of generating money. Google or sponsored ads are the main sources of ad income around the web since from the inception of open-source information sharing on the internet. In current times, websites are loaded with automatic video ads, GIFs, banners, etc. consume massive parts of your internet speed. They are responsible for drastically reduce of your download, create immense disturbing feelings.

Adblocker is there to prevent those ads automatically, increase your download speed. Yet, there are some websites, do not allow adblocker and render their services.

Clean Your Browser Cache

Every time you visit a website, the browser will automatically collect your information on your content interest & others as cookies. Later, they send their stored data to the marketers to bring you the most related ads to show next time. These days, the top-performing AI are behind of this technology to read your mind. You may wonder Facebook & Google track you every move of your mouse cursor, and send you the relevant ads. 

Apparently, this is not difficult to clear your browser cache, takes only a few moments. But, if you something machine-like plugin or extension is there to do everything on behalf of you even in placement order. 

Choose Faster Browser

Your download speed sometimes relates to what browser you are using in your device. There are top brand browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, etc. the user experience may vary from person to person. With my long staying on the internet for over 10 years, I personally find Google Chrome, the most fasted internet browser. The same thing you experiment, check out for the browser which works best for you. The browser which requires much memory, Flash, or Javascript, highly reduces your download speed. 

Reduce Your Tab Number

While working in your browser, no matter, you will be open so many tabs at a time to explore in your necessary information. The contents of each tab are equally responsible for consuming your download speed. In such a situation you can reduce your tab numbers to a backup browser, will bring more speed in your current browser. 

Monitor Yor Background Activities

Background activities is of another reason to slow down the speed that the majority of we are not aware on it. There are many unnecessary programs that may run in your device without your knowledge, you need to find and stop them. To find out the background activities, in Windows, you can command CTRL+Shift+ ESC to go into the task manager and select then to stop. The same opportunity you will find on your Mac device to speed up your internet. 

Change Your Data Plan

If you are still not satisfied with your current speed, there might be a higher data plan. Increasing your line speed can fulfill the requirement of your download speed. Though the higher data plan will cost you more, you should choose it carefully according to your budget. 

Rethink About Your Internet Service Provider

Keeping up good and regular communication with your service provider, you will get advanced tips & tricks to speed up your connection. Sometimes they are tricky, push you to take higher plans unnecessarily, but mostly they are much helpful. Going with them, still, if you think your speed yet not up to the mark, think alternative. I believe you will not run out of local ISPs, as there many, think of replacing your current one with a better ISP. Actually, the current market in our local market is flooded with multiple ISPs, and recently I shifted to a new one who is committed to providing better service.

Take a Temporary Break From Social Media

Social media can reduce your download speed to a significant amount. Usually, social media takes every moment update, the “feed” requires lots of data. So, if you are in need of urgent download speed, you should take a temporary break from social media by logging out them.

Replace Your Cable & Other Instruments

A long-length cable is possibly causing speed loss, whereas sometimes cables are kept unnecessarily too long. Try to shorter your cable and replace old cable which are not perfect now to provide you best output. Also, for the top outcome, you can also replace your sockets, lines, etc.

It is commonly known that technology I snot sit idle in one place for a long time. Rather it develops on a continuous basis. The same happens here. In the past, it was a time when we faced slower internet, but we are having to faster internet in these days. And it is expected to get more internet speed in the time ahead. Do you think? I have missed any special tips in my article. You are most welcome to share your thinking here in the commend section. 

Frequently Asked Question of how to increase download speed

Question 1: How can I increase download speed?

Answer: All the tips shared above, are the best possible option to increase download speed.

Question 2: What is the faster internet, cordless or cable?

Answer: Definitely, the cable internet is the faster internet that you will have while using in your device.

Question 3: How important the router is to get faster internet?

Answer: The router plays an important role to get faster internet.

Question 4: What data plan should I take for my device?

Answer: Actually, it depends on your budget & requirement. Also, you should go with the plan what suits you most. 


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