The King’s Avatar Season 2 Streaming Now, Catch the Details!

The King's Avatar Season 2

The King Avatar Set to Back on Screen, Season 2 will Premiere on 7 July 2019!  

The King Avatar is a Chinese Web Animation Series. The series follows the life of a Best Player of a video game “Glory”, Ye Xiu. Unfortunately, Ye Xiu had to leave his captainship and started working at a cafe.

The series follows the struggle of Ye Xiu winning back his prestige of the Best Glory Player.

The animated series gained much applaud from the viewers and critics.

Now, the fans are excited to watch Season 2 of the animated series.

Season 2 of King’s Avatar will premiere on 7 July 2019. Tomorrow, 7 July on Saturday at 11:45 am (KST) 1st Episode of King’s Avatar will release. The King Avatar will air every Saturday on TVB Channel. 

So, don’t forget to watch your favorite Chinese animated series. Many turns and twists will hype the action-pack series. 

It will be intensely breath-taking to watch who will win the finale, will Ye Xiu succeed in proving himself the best player or will lose? 

Will Xinjie’s forged identity take Ye Xiu to meet a devastating end?

Wait till tomorrow, moreover, except TVB, you can stream King’s Avatar online also.
We will keep updating you, so, stay tuned!


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