Roman Reigns Got the Role of Hobbs’ Brother in Spin-off “Hobbs and Shaw” On-His-Own Instead of Taking Dwayne’s Help!

Hobbs and Shaw

Fast Star Hobbs A.K.A Dwayne Johnson’s Cousin Roman Reigns is Playing the Role of Hobbs’ Brother in Fast and Furious: Hobbs & Shaw, Roman Earns this Role on His Own Struggle!

Fast Franchise is presenting another action-pack, a spin-off film “Hobbs & Shaw” this August.

In the spin-off, fans will get a dense and peculiar view of Hobbs’ and Shaw’s lives. Fans will witness Hobbs’ homeland and his family as well.

Dwayne Johnson/ Hobbs’ cousin brother Roman Reigns will play the role of Hobbs’ brother in the spin-off.

Well, the rumors wandering around suggests Dwayne helped his cousin getting the role of his brother in the film. However, this is nothing else than a rumor.

Roman Reigns earned his role on his own without taking anyone’s help. Even, Dwayne was unaware of Roman’s entry in Fast and Furious. Both of the cousins had no idea about each other’s casting in the film which falsifies the rumors that Dwayne gets Roman the role of his brother in the film.

So, it has been clarified now that Roman get the` role on his own. This will be Roman’s first film, so, we wish him luck!

Well, this kind of rumors about renowned stars often found to be wandering around, however, without concrete proof we should not take these seriously.


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