The Best Tools to Help You Perform Better at Work


We all want to give our very best during our work hours. Being efficient while on the job will not only help you move through your to-do list quicker and allow you more time for other things you care about, but it’ll also provide you with that sense of achievement we all need to get from our work.

With the New Year fast approaching, loads of people are grasping for a way to perform better and work smarter in 2023. Here are five tools that can help you reach that goal. 

Digital Workflow

A digital workflow is crucial for efficiency in the business. They allow teams to digitise steps, standardise phases and predict the outcomes of actions. Achieving digital transformation is essential in the modern age, and a digital workflow will accelerate this transformation, no matter what your business needs.  

For example, ServiceNow industries solutions will help you meet the unique needs of your industry with powerful digital workflows designed for your specific requirements.

Task-Specific Software

Next up, you need to ensure that you’re equipped with the software you need to perform your job – or various roles of your position – properly. 

For example, if you’re a graphic designer or work in product design, then having efficient 3D modelling software will be crucial for you to perform at your best. Similarly, someone working in sales will need a great CRM platform to help them manage their tasks. If you’re not working with the software you need, you’ll be slower and less efficient. 

Digital Calendars and Productivity Tools

If you aren’t using a good digital calendar app in 2022, you’re probably drowning when it comes to productivity and organisation. Keeping yourself well-organised is essential for staying on top of your workflow and making sure nothing slips through the cracks.

Digital solutions are your best option here – a digital calendar to manage meetings and other important deadlines, and even time blocking your workday. Additionally, you’ll need a productivity tool like a to-do list app or a similar organisation tool to help you stay on top of your tasks. 

Collaboration Tools

Effective communication within a team is non-negotiable, no matter the size of the business or the role you play within it. Using a good collaborative tool like Slack or Microsoft Teams makes it easy to stay in contact with your team, easily share and store files, schedule and host online meetings, and more.

Without good communication in business, things can start falling apart pretty quickly. 


Many of us close our laptops at the end of a workday and wonder where the last eight hours disappeared to. If this sounds like you, then time-tracking software could be the solution to your problem.

Time-tracking is a great tool for employers who want to monitor their staff’s productivity, or for remote workers who want to manage themselves better at home, track worked hours for invoicing or simply keep a record of how much they have worked. The reminder that you’re being tracked is also great motivation to not get distracted! 


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