Are Tankinis in Style?


Trends in the world of swimwear are not only fashion dictated by famous designers and social networks but also store offers. Therefore, the first rule when choosing a swimsuit is that you should be comfortable in it, and you should feel beautiful and attractive in such clothes. However, there is a universal swimsuit that has not gone out of fashion for decades but is now gaining special relevance — the tankini. You can find many cool models of such swimsuits on the page . The Lascana store always has everything for you to stay on trend!

Features of the tankini style

Tankini swimsuits are separate swimsuits with a tank top or cropped top and bikini bottoms, thongs, or shorts. Sometimes, these are shorts with frills resembling a skirt. Tankinis are often compared to one-piece swimsuits because they have the same large area of ​​coverage. Ordinary one-piece swimsuits are less comfortable, while women’s tankini allows you to combine elements from different costumes, adjust the height of the top, and even change into such a swimsuit easier and faster.

The model is ideal for dynamic and active rest on the beach: swimming or playing. At the same time, the girl does not have to worry about the fact that some detail may get lost or misplaced.

Advantages of a tankini swimsuit:

  • Convenience and practicality;
  • The ability to hide any figure flaws;
  • Combination of various elements of the top and bottom;
  • Hygiene.

Tankini suits almost all women, which is why the style remains in fashion magazines and in fresh designer collections. Thanks to thick cups and push-up support, you can emphasize the beauty of the chest and make the silhouette slender and balanced. Tankinis for women also suit curvy women who are shy to reveal their stomachs. The style is also good for thin girls with a “triangle” or “rectangle” figure. If you choose a looser cut with frills instead of a tight-fitting top, it allows you to create the desired volume and draw attention to a beautiful waist.


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