Taylor Swift Gifted a slow piano-balled version of Holy Ground to Her Fans at BBC Radio

Taylor Swift

Finally, Taylor has decided to rerecord her old music album, and we got the first hint from her BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge Month. She went there with a six-song set, and you can see her singing in the New York City satellite lounge. It feels great to watch her singing old music, but she has flipped her music coin a bit. Let’s find out more.

The red Track “Holy Ground” is going to replace its old version beautifully. Swift came up with a slow-paced yet rhythmical piano version of this music track. You can see her singing in a rose-gold light where her face glows like gold. But it is not the only fantastic thing you notice; another fascinating thing is panoramic background of the Brooklyn Bridge.
The first look at this backdrop and Taylor will convince you that singer is welcoming you to New York with her re-contextualized track version. This is how Swift explains all of it in a few words, “I wanted to kind of flip the coin of the song and show another side of it.”

Singer adds a bit of drama and charm into BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge with the opening song “London Boy” from lover album. Swifties think that this specific track is all about her boyfriend Joe Alwyn, but is just a wild guess. You would love this crossover event of BBC radio, once you watch it in a peaceful place.
Taylor later sang “Can’t Stop Loving You” which is a famous hit song by Phil Collins. London Boy singer reveals that Collins has a significant influence on her 1989 album which she released in 2014. This romantic song mesmerized the whole set, including us. This whole re-recording music album scenario is worth a watch.


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