Kylie Jenner is fighting battle with Cold with $14 Throat Spray

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September has kickstarted, this month takes the heat off the environment while it brings flu and Cold for many people. Kylie Jenner is also a victim of a seasonal cold attack. She shared a story on Instagram.
No matter you are a celebrity or an ordinary person, you can’t avoid flu bacteria. We know that Kylie is quite conscious about cleanliness and health, but still, she became a victim of Cold.
Keeping up with the Kardashian star shared an Instagram story which revealed that she was feeling sick over Labor Day Weekend. She posted a story alongside a cup of tea picture. She started a poll which ask every parent fellow (follower) nof Kylie a specific questions, “I get sick 10x more now that I have a baby. Parents… Is this true for you too?”
In the follow-up picture, she posted a pic in which she shared her recent cold-fighting treatment which comprises of B12, Beekeeper’s Natural Propolis Throat Spray and a Ginger tea.
If you have no idea about Beekeeper’s Throat Spray, then you should know that it is Amazon’s number two top-selling product for cold and flight treatment. This product brings both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
You can check Amazon official page of this product and find out its mind-blowing reviews. This only product has more than 300 five-star reviews from the customers. Price is only $13.99, so it is a very affordable cold treatment you can get at home.
In case you experience cold and flu this month, you should give a try to this throat spray which is nothing but a combo of bee propolis, glycerine, and purified water. You can use it as a supplement to cure a seasonal Cold and flu.
One customer posted a lengthy review of this product on Amazon.
“I needed to rewrite my review because it was brought to my attention that i left my review in the seller section. Oops!
I am happy to Review it again in the correct product review section. Normally i would probably just say “oh well!” and forget about it. But this little bottle sure packs a punch!. I was very pleasantly surprised by how fast it diminished my night time cough. I’ve had it for some time now, and nothing else worked. How i hate cough syrups from the pharmacy. Ricola helps,but I can’t honestly go to sleep with one of those in my mouth every night. I’m going to loose my teeth for crying out loud.
I very highly recommend this. It tastes good and healthy. AND it works.I normally don’t waste my time reviewing all products i buy. But this one,i trull believe in. I plan on getting more for maintenance.”
There are many people who have flu allergies, if it is the case then you should read another review of a customer who think he got “Easy solution for allergies”. Andres wrote,
“This spray is incredible! I’ve been taking it daily for a few months now. I haven’t gotten sick and my severe allergies to cedar have subsided. I normally take raw local honey for allergies, but I have replaced the messy ritual with this spray and it even works better. Surprising results disproving the myth that only local honey prevents allergies. I’ve taken 1-4 sprays daily for the last three months, and I still haven’t run out. Tastes great too!”
Don’t just follow Kylie hairstyle and fashion when you can get rid of Cold and flu by following a home remedy which is used by a self-made billionaire .


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