Synthetic Urine: Buying Tips and Where Can You Get It?

Synthetic Urine

It is obvious to understand that you want to obtain more quality information about synthetic urine as you are here. More and more employed individuals with smoking and drinking habits purchase synthetic or artificial urine to clear a drug test these days. Most employers in the US either fire employees who test positive for drugs or deny employee benefits. To salvage job and lucrative opportunities, the majority of employees who smoke and drink use fake pee when they undergo a drug test.

Nothing can help you clear a urine drug screening other than a premium synthetic urine kit if you smoke weed, drink alcohol or use cocaine daily. A considerable number of employed persons use typical psychoactive substances to get temporary relief from work stress and relax their mind and body. However, companies do not appreciate such habits, as they always want to ensure that the work environment remains professional and productive.

The only purpose of esteemed business enterprises to conduct urine drug tests is to identify employees who consume illegal drugs. Some regular smokers cannot pass a surprise drug test at work and face serious consequences, whereas every employee who uses synthetic urine clears one such test. Head to the Too Slick official website to gain reliable information about the usefulness of quality synthetic urine and know about the top places from where you can buy this specific urine.

If you, too, want to get the right artificial kit for yourself, it’s crucial to follow the below-mentioned valuable tips.

Top Tips to Purchase a Synthetic Urine Kit

Choose a Trusted Brand

In recent years, the number of businesses that manufacture and sell synthetic urine kits on traditional and online marketplaces has increased significantly. Therefore, it is essential to read testimonials while you do your research and then select a particular synthetic urine brand. Keep in mind that choosing the wrong one won’t help you pass a drug test and could even lead you to lose your job.

Ensure that the manufacturer or seller you select has a substantial satisfied customer base and excellent reputation in the market. You won’t have to appear for a drug test in the workplace with worry in your mind if you buy a premium synthetic urine kit from a reliable shop.

Look At All Ingredients

You can successfully beat a workplace drug testing if you manage to get your hands on a fake urine kit with the right composition. Make sure that you take note of every single ingredient while you buy a synthetic urine kit. Besides keenly noting down all ingredients, you should also check the concentration of each substance that the manufacturer uses to make artificial urine.

Make sure that the synthetic urine you get for yourself doesn’t contain biocide. Testers can easily understand that instead of your real urine, you have used the artificial one if they find biocide in the urine sample you provide.

Ensure the Urine is Warm

It is paramount for the synthetic urine you use to have the same temperature as your actual urine. The average temperature of natural human urine falls anywhere between 90-100F. Primarily owing to the normal temperature (mentioned above) of a human body, the real urine is warm.

Ensure when you buy a fake urine kit that it accompanies a testing strip and heating pads. You will have the least of your worries if the pee you provide the urine testing experts while you undergo a urine drug is warm as actual urine.

Check for Uric Acid

It is not possible for a company to manufacture synthetic urine that can mimic genuine human urine if it doesn’t use uric acid. You will for sure test positive for drugs if you pick up one such urine and appear for a drug test that your employer conducts. It is imperative to check for uric acid when you buy artificial urine from a traditional or online store. Uric acid is one of the key components of real urine.

Only if it is present along with other major components in the synthetic urine you buy, your chances of successfully beating a drug test in your workplace increase immensely. Make sure that uric acid is mentioned while you take a note of ingredients. 

Check for pH Levels

While you check for temperature, you should also take the pH levels and as well as the gravity of the fake pee that you buy into consideration to cheat a workplace urinalysis test. The synthetic urine’s pH levels and gravity must be like normal urine.

Any abnormalities can make testers suspicious about your urine sample that you give while you go through a urine drug screen. While you conduct research initially, make sure that you obtain quality information about the right urine pH levels required to clear a workplace urine testing.

Freshness and Longevity Matters

Many employers intentionally do not inform employees about an upcoming drug test so that they don’t get any scope to cheat. Hence, it is wise to pick up and carry an artificial urine kit always with you to use it even when your employer conducts a surprise drug testing.

However, checking the manufacturing and expiry date of a synthetic urine kit is imperative when you shop for one. Ensure that you get a fake pee kit for yourself that has a longer shelf life and is from the latest batch. You should replace your synthetic urine at frequent intervals to know that you have a fresh bottle with you.

Best Place to Buy Synthetic Urine

Nowadays, smoke shops, Goth stores and even conventional medical stores sell synthetic urine kits. However, to keep things discreet, the best step that you can take is to buy synthetic urine from a reputable online seller.

Know that when you place an order online for a fake urine kit, you receive the package at your doorstep in such a manner that no one will understand what’s inside it. Also, most trusted artificial urine sellers ensure that every customer’s identity remains 100% anonymous.

You will certainly get your hands on the right synthetic urine kit if you keep all essential tips in mind. Premium synthetic urine with the right composition can help you pass a workplace drug screening safely and effectively. 


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