All you need to know about Food Allergies

know about Food Allergies

Food allergies are caused when the body’s immune system takes an ingredient, like protein. These are harmful, leading to the creation of a defence system. There are unique compounds called antibodies used to fight against the allergy. Peanut allergy is widespread between both young and adults alike.Here is all you need to know about Food Allergies.

Food allergies make people healthy as they can’t consume processed food products most often. Any food allergy can cause irritation or allergy. Baby Eczema is caused mainly by food allergies only. Only a handful of foods cause 90% of all allergic reactions. The substance that causes an allergic reaction is called the allergen. It is not a harmful substance but triggers a response in the immune system. 

Reasons to have a food allergy

  • Exposure to an allergic food

If you have never touched a peanut before, you will not develop a peanut allergy. Likewise, the first peanut butter biscuits can be harmless, but having them every day will be poisonous to health. It will trigger the immune system to respond. It produces immunoglobulin E to make the antibodies. It gets activated the moment you eat any allergic food. 

  • When allergic to one food, you can be allergic to more

For instance, if you have a history of allergy to prawns, you can be allergic to other seafood plates as well. Likewise, this is called cross-reactivity. Some people having birch pollen allergy also have reactions to hazelnuts, celery, carrots, etc. If you are allergic to having latex, then you should not have bananas often. 

  • Exercise-induced food allergy

Sometimes, if you have any food and then exercise, it can trigger exercise-induced allergy. Besides, since the body temperature rises, you may feel itchiness and burning of the skin. Soon, you will develop allergic symptoms like hives, etc. The cure is quite simple. Don’t eat anything for about 4 hours before exercising. 

  • Food allergies cannot be cured.

There is no cure for food allergies or even intolerances. The only way to prevent baby eczema is to avoid the food right after knowing you are allergic to it. Secondly, hay fever also occurs when there is anything related to food allergies. And it should be treated without medical supervision. Many children do grow out the allergies once the immune systems begin to grow. 

  • The reactions vary

A food allergy can be from mild ones to live threatening ones. The reaction will start almost immediately as soon as the food touches the mouth. It can develop slowly over the next few hours or so. Most people blame the proteins for causing the allergies. The proteins can’t be broken down by stomach acid or even when cooking. The proteins are absorbed in the gastrointestinal lining directly through the bloodstream moving in the body.


Food allergy can only be avoided so, check out for any reactions in the body if you have specific food items. The responses can be from mild to deadly ones. It’s best to protect yourself from the allergy even while having food in restaurants and cafes. 


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