South Carolina Declares Hepatitis Outbreak- Here is What You can Do

avoid Hepatitis

Hepatitis is a disease which occurs in the Liver and defined as inflammation of the liver. It categories into three classifications A, B & C and they differ from one another.

Hepatitis Declares in South Carolina

Hepatitis A is now spreading very rapidly over South Carolina.

Public health officials on Monday at South Carolina have declared it a statewide outbreak. South Carolina has now become the 21st state to do so since 2016.

Since November South Carolina has already recorded 86 cases of this contagious disease. As per records, this disease is four times more than the usual rate of incidents.

Almost half of all these cases are involved in drug uses. The average rate of cases of Hepatitis in South Carolina has been 19 from the last ten years.

South Carolina Health officials are reaching out to those high-risk groups and get them vaccinated first. They are offering no-cost vaccines to the groups that identified as high risk, which are homeless and drug users.

South Carolina officials said that this disease could prevent, but it is imperative for us to tell the people that they need to take some distinct steps to do so.

Besides, South Carolina health officials have recommended all children to get two doses of the vaccine.  

.There is one Case of Death out Of the 86 reported cases in South Carolina, and 59 of them have been admitted to hospital.

The virus of hepatitis can spread person to person, but the solution is here. Vaccination yes vaccination can prevent this disease.  This Hepatitis infected, Symptoms are like- fatigue, sickness, stomach pain, yellowing of eye, loss of appetite.

It may also occur after jaundice, in more than 70% of cases it happens after Jaundice. Some people may also have symptoms like constipation so they can refer to have some stool softeners for daily use.

Since Hepatitis is a liver problem, so there are many such diseases which are directly or indirectly associated with well functioning of liver and intestine. People suffering from some severe conditions like fissures, hemorrhoids and heart problems need to bear some extra precautions.

Although some remedies are available to cure fissure permanently at home without surgery, still those people are more prone to such viral attack, because of their weak immune system. People who have the following lifestyle are more prone to this disease

  1. Lack of Safe, Clean Water
  2. Poor sanitation
  3. Living in a house with an infected person
  4. Being in a  sexual relationship with some who has Hepatitis

Some Precaution to avoid Hepatitis A-  

Wash your hands after using  any Restroom

Wash your hand before eating or preparing a meal for anyone.

Don’t panic if you have such a situation; just need a little precaution and alertness. People at South Carolina can book an appointment for Vaccination at the local health department by calling- 855-472-3432. 


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