How To Ace Your Makeup Using The Right Kind Of Beauty Blender

Beauty Blender

Beauty blenders are synonymous with a good beauty regime and a perfect base for your makeup. However, most people end up with a patchy makeup base because they start out with the wrong type of beauty blender. Selecting the right material, shape, and size for a beauty blender will ensure that your base looks perfect and that the beauty blender lasts long.

Selecting Beauty Blenders That Works Wonders

This blog post gives you some vital inputs that will help you when you buy the next beauty blender.

So, if you are planning on buying beauty blenders in bulk you must know about the different types of beauty blenders that are available in the market and choose the right one for your requirements.

Shape Of The Blender

The shape of the beauty blender determines how firmly you can grip the blender. It also determines how good the coverage of the foundation or primer is. So, here are different shapes that are easily available in the market. 

  • Wedge-Shaped Beauty Blender

These blenders have flat edges and bottoms, and these flat edges are very useful for contouring the face. The wedge-shaped edges help create fine lines (with the contouring material) on the cheeks, then eventually help in giving a well-chiselled look.

  • Tear Drop Shape

This is probably the common shape when it comes to a beauty blender. As the name suggests, one end of the blender is rounded, and another is pointed. This shape is well suited to apply concealers. The rounded end fits well in your hand, and the pointed end helps reach those corners that need concealer.

  • Flat End Blenders

This shape is very similar to the teardrop blender. Instead of a rounded, tear-shaped end, these blenders have a flat end, which gives them their name.

Material Of The Blender

Just like the shape, the blender’s material determines how well it absorbs the foundation and how even the coverage is. Moreover, the longevity of the blender also depends on the material. Some of the common materials used in making the blender are listed here.

  • Silicone

The biggest advantage of silicone is that it does not absorb the foundation at all. So, product wastage is minimal, and the blender remains clean and usable for a long time.

  • Microfiber

Like silicone, microfiber is a new material that has become very popular in the cosmetics industry. Microfiber has a smooth texture. So, if you are someone whose skin is very prone to rashes and allergies, you must go for a beauty blender made of microfiber.


Beauty blenders work well with cream, powder, and even gel-like cosmetic products. Most of them can be reused many times if they are washed carefully after every round of use. Moreover, buying the right type of blender, be it in terms of shape or material, makes your makeup routine simple and cost-effective. So, the next time you are buying a beauty blender, make a prudent choice and buy a blender that works best for your skin.


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