Selena Gomez Silently deleted The last Insta Photo of Justin Bieber

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It seems like that Selena has finally said goodbye to her love Justin Beiber  without making some noise. But her fans and followers noticed that immediately when they found Justin Bieber photo missing on her Instagram account.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are in a relationship for more than 7 years. Fans love this couple, but they broke up in 2017. Fans noticed that she silently deleted the final public trace of her relationship with Beiber. She paid a birthday tribute to her love at Last March. However, now that tribute has gone from her official Instagram account.

It is her way of saying official Instagram goodbye to Justin Bieber.Their breakup went official at the end of March 201 and then in June, and we saw him holding the hands of Hailey Baldwin. They dated in June and got engaged in July. After a short period, they got married in September 2018. This all happened so fast if you make a comparison of Justin-Selena relationship with that of Justin-Baldwin.

Selena also dated with The Weeknd who is in a relationship with Bella Hadid. They both enjoyed a date night.

Fans criticized that Selena didn’t take down her two Instagram photos with The Weeknd while she deleted her only photo with Justin. No matter what supporters say or think, it is Selena’s decision and will which decide which photo will remain on her account while which one will be kicked out.

what is your opinion about this picture deletion?


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