Jennifer Lopez Kickstarts Concert and sings a duet with her Daughter Emme after Drake Callout

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer is on her musical tours, and these days we are getting much news regarding her performance and visit in Los Angeles. She sings a duet with her sweetie, and it was the best moment of the concert, indeed. Her dance on Darke’s Hotline Bling was pretty amazing. Let’s find out more.

It is not the first time that JLo brought her past on stage; she did it before during her tour in Las Vegas. During dance break, she said, “You use to call me on my cell phone.Huh. Booty call.” And then played Hotline Bling from the Rapper.

Drake is not so good with move on; he was in a relationship with Jennifer Lopez in 2016. They attended a prom inspired event at the end of the year and got crowns of The King and the Queen in that party. That whole relationship was pretty short, as after a few months she started dating her fiancé Alex Rodriguez.

It seems like JLo has moved on, but Drake is still there. In his music, he often gives Lopez references. In the song “Free Smoke,” he rapped: “I drunk text J.Lo / Old number, so it bounces back.” Later in “Diplomatic Immunity,” he said, “2010 was when I lost my halo / 2017, I lost a J. Lo.”

Fans talk much about this Drake Call out moment of her concert, which was kind of dark moment.

That concert has its sweetest touch when Jennifer Lopez and her 11-year-old Daughter Emme appeared on stage in red matching gowns and started performing on the song “Limitless” from her film.

She shared this story and moment with her 94 million Instagram followers with a caption, “I can’t take it.”

They sang a duet on stage and won the heart of the crowd instantly. Emme got singing talent not only from her mother but also from her father, Marc Anthony.




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