Riverdale Season 4: Will Jughead return for season 4?

Riverdale Season 4

Riverdale fans know they are very confusing because season 3 has left them in a brutal state. The most significant hints are about Jughead Jones death. However b Riverdale season 4 will be different than previous.

In the previous season, we saw Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, and Archie Andrews and blood was on their clothes along with the iconic hat of Jughead.

This scene shows that maybe we would not see Jughead again. But the mystery is also that really the trio kill Jughead.  So the upcoming season will all about the last days in high school. Maybe they all shift to college, and there would be a new setting for the show.

There will be new friends as well as enemies. So everyone is ready to see the favorite characters in college. According to some spoilers, maybe everyone decides to catch up and meet in Riverdale.

However, here are some speculations are also saying, the possibility is that they could not go to college. As you know, Veronica wants to go to New York, but she is the owner of the SpeakEasy and Pops. Archie is the owner of the gym, and Betty’s mother has taken all the money. At the end ourSerpent king, Jughead will leave the Serpents in chaos.

According to viewers, if they do so, the season will jump to college where everyone goes back to Riverdale. However, the comic was about high school.


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