GTA 6: Is Gamescom coming in August this year?


GTA 6 game is not officially released yet. However, fans are expecting Gamescom will happen this year in August.

There is all around speculations that say if the development os on the way the possibility is that GTA 6 will reveal at Gamescom. Therefore, we hope that if Gamescom will appear with an event that would will better than the E3 exhibition.

There are some other platforms also where GTA 6 can reveal. Rumors are saying it will be exclusive for next PlayStation generation. So many are expecting that the GTA  showcase can show at the Sony Standalone conference for PlayStation 5.

Well, there are some chances that GTA 6 will reveal one of the most significant events if Standalone conference. Rockstar games can also announce their separate event.

The reason for the game delay is that Rockstar games didn’t confirm it. Therefore, all assumption of the release date is made on the rumors based.

Well, another reason od delay could be its development. Maybe the game is in the development phase and not ready for E3 exhibition yet.  However, Rockstar Games always surprise their fans by showing a glimpse of the game.

Rockstar is a very genius because it takes advantage of rumors and tries to stay in the limelight. We hope that soon we’ll get GTA 6  on our devices. Just stay with us, we’ll update to you soon.


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