Riccardo Lex in The World of Cryptocurrencies And Blockchain

Riccardo Lex

Riccardo Lex first dealt with the crypto-currency Bitcoin in 2015, and in this context also took a close look at the technology behind it. We’re talking about the blockchain technology.

As a successful entrepreneur, he sees himself as a mastermind and visionary in many ways. This area has interested him very much from the very first second.

After extensive research, he decided to invest in this area, because the connections between the financial world and the crypto world seemed logical to him. To this day, there is a lot of potential in this technology for him. The possibilities for integration into various sectors of the economy and industry are manifold and will be greatly expanded in the coming months and years.

Some can be highlighted like one project from the vehicle manufacturer Porsche or payment systems, which are of importance to the mass. “To increase availability and simplify accessibility,” explains Riccardo Lex.

In these three years, he has built up a distribution structure in addition to capital gains through trading in these currencies, where he had risen to the management level of the company with his wife.

Mining packages were the focus of this venture, as they targeted long-term returns. “When it comes to cryptocurrency trading, speed is an important factor because volatility is many times higher than in other financial products”, says Riccardo, describing currency trading of this type.

In recent months, however, it has become clear to him that cryptocurrencies are currently still subject to high fluctuations and that it is used as a speculative tool to generate high profits.

Therefore, the crypto-business is currently being continued with less effort. Although for Riccardo Lex, the future lies in blockchain technology and there will be many innovative solutions over the next few years that will simplify the lives of many individuals.

“The benefits of the technology are overwhelming, and the first approaches are already visible. In the next few years it will affect many more people and from then on it will be indispensable in everyday life!”, Mr. Lex is confident.


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