6 Ideas for Long Distance Couples to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

6 Ways To Celebrate Valentine's Day When You're In A Long Distance Relationship Because Love Knows No Bounds.

6 Ideas for Long Distance Couples to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Long Distance Relationship sometimes feels like a curse on this day special days like Valentine’s Day. This is because everyone is spending this beautiful day with their dear ones and your beloved is a thousand miles away from you.

At times you can even make plans to visit your partner but with one holiday in hand, it is not a good idea. We have got so many different ideas you can spend a happy and fun Valentine’s Day with your partner being miles apart.

Thus we are here with 6 Ideas for long-distance couples to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Romantic e-dinner for two

Romantic e dinner for two

This 21st century has equipped us with so many tech gadgets that we can see our partner face to face and virtually be with them.

You can arrange a romantic dinner date over Facetime or Skype.

Both of you must go to a fancy restaurant order each other’s favorite dishes and have a perfect e-dinner date.

You can prior send flowers or gifts to your partner so that you can exchange gifts and open them in front of your partners.

You can also arrange a movie date and watch movie at different locations but connect with each other through a video call.

Go beyond flowers and teddies
Go beyond flowers and teddies
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Flowers, Teddies, and chocolates are the most generic gifts, so if you want to surprise your lady love to go with a highly thoughtful gift which would surprise your partner.

Something like a heartfelt love letter, a designer bag, a dress they are longing to buy from a long time or tickets to your next vacation together.

Add a personal touch to any of the gifts you send, they will automatically become more special.

Things and Gifts like this will delight them and they will know how special and important you are in their life.

Be Shameless for a day

You can get intimate over an e-date. Get candles lighted in both of your rooms and also play some soft music.

Get romantic and flirty with your partner. Make this date steamy even being miles away from each other.

You can also deliver some sexy gifts to each other for Valentine’s Day.

A man can send a little black dress for her beloved and a woman can send her man tie or a tuxedo in which her man looks best.

Send him or her something special
DIY Valentine’s Day card
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You can get creative and make a DIY Valentine’s Day card for them and jot down love notes to them.

If you are good at drawing to make a portrait of your cutest picture together, get it framed and send it to her.

You can also make a photo album of all your beautiful memories and send it to them. You can get your chats printed in a book and send them the book full of love messages and flirty texts.

You can even make a romantic video of clips and images and send it to them on Valentine’s Day. Send Gifts online to loved ones and convey Valentine’s Day wishes.

Plan an adorable surprise for your beloved

You can plan the whole day for them starting from the midnight flowers bouquet delivery. In the morning get the hot coffee and breakfast delivered to them.

At afternoon you can ask her to accompany you for a walk over the call and then sit for a while in the garden and have a video call.

Similarly, ask her to dress her best as you guys are having a romantic Valentine’s Day e-dinner date followed by a movie date. Multiple calls just to say I love you is also a wonderful idea.

Spring on a surprise trip

Surprise trips are the best, your partner would be very low as you guys are away on this day. So take a day off from work and book your flight.

Spend this beautiful day of love with your beloved. And now when you guys are together we don’t need to tell you how to spend Valentine’s Day together.

Make the most of the day together and believe me this is the most romantic and lovely Valentine’s Day present one can give their partner. You can find romantic valentine’s day gift ideas searching the gifts here online.

Bouquet Jerky

Fresh flowers are the loveliest of all.  But time has changed for the better.
Thankfully, men can now enjoy bouquets. This time it’s even more exciting since it’s not just the ordinary bouquet, it’s an edible one.
If you want to buy an edible bouquet, visit this link.Sounds interesting, ha! What a wonderful present since this jerky bouquet is a healthier choice for his afternoon snacks. Flavorsome jerky makes one’s day exceptional even if it’s supposed to be a mundane working day.

Thus there are plenty of ways to be together with your partner even if physically apart. We hope these Ideas help you spend a perfect and romantic Valentine’s Day together with your partner.


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