PUBG PC Lite: Expansions could be beneficial for mobile users


Fans of PUBG PC Lite are so happy because the game has arrived. Low specs gamers could get able to play PUBG PC Lite on their system. However, the mobile users will take benefits with the expansion of PUBG lite in India.

Here I am enlisting some points of why PUBG Lite Expansion is beneficial.

End of Emulator
PUBG PC Lite will shorten emulators users. The reason emulator is not optimized and full of bugs and crashes. However, this version will be high for those who love to play on emulator.


One of the best factors of the PUBG Lite is matchmaking. So the emulator and mobile players could play together. In this way, portable players will play against the emulator players that’s an injustice in terms of competition.

PC users will get separate matchmaking, as well as experience, will be the same as the PC versions.

Downsizing sales

It affects the sales of the original PUBG PC and available for free. PUBG PC is available for $14 and surely downsizing the sales of the franchise. This game will hit the business of PUBG Corp.

Apex Legends and Fortnite are available free of cost. Therefore these games decrease the popularity of PUBG.


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