American Horror Story Season 9: Release Date and all updates of upcoming season

American Horror Story Season 9

American Horror Story season 9 is set in 1984. The new season 9 will feature the paranormal story. It is an anthology story in which franchise tells a different story in every season.

Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk finally return in the season 9.

The loyal audience waits a new season every year. The first season started with a haunted house called Murder House.

With every installment, ratings of the show vary and manage to mark its territory whenever returns on screens. FX renewed the eighth and ninth installment in January 2017.

Well, the series will back with fan-favorite stars, Emma Roberts. The actress received love with the appearance in three episodes named Coven, Freak, and Apocalypse. Moreover, we’ll also see the Olympian Gus Kenworthy in the leading roles.

In the new season 9 of American Horror Story, Evan Peters will not include. Meanwhile, BillyEichner will not appear in the American Horror Story Season 9. However, the ninth chapter will cast many new faces.

As you know, many American Horror Story seasons had paranormal creatures such as season 4 called Coven had a group of witches, and season 5 were asylum and Hotel full of spirits.

So the upcoming season 9 will be fantastic. The trailer features a woman who is running from a masked murderer and carrying a knife. So the new installment will focus on the horrors of this man.

Fans are asking is the ninth season is the last season fo AHS. The franchise renewed the ninth season in January 2017 as well the gave green signal for the tenth season in August 2018.

So it is confirmed that season 10 will hit the screen, maybe in 2020. Well, the ninth season will air on 18 September 2019.


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