PUBG Mobile Season 7: Release Date and All Features Details of the new version


PUBG Mobile is one of the popular game and played all over the world. This game makes it more appealing with new seasons. As you know, six Season has ended, and fans are curious to know about the next season.

Let’s talk about the PUBG Mobile Season 7 release date, additions and all details. Tencent will update this game for Royale Pass Season 7. Tencent will bring a new update for season 7.

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When Will PUBG Mobile Season 7 Release

The seventh season of PUBG mobile will start around 17 or 18 May 2019. We are expecting more new and exciting features of this game. Fans want to know whether they removed those two zombie game modes or not for the latest version.


let’s have a look at the features of PUBG  Mobile Season 7

  1. More new Weapons: Skorpian is one of them that is a pistol and fires 9mm bullets.

2. NEw Royal Pass Season: Character beard, fight trials, new EZ Mission License.

3. New wardrobe collection and skins for vehicles and parachute.

4. Dedicated servers are available for players in the Middle East.

5. Companion pets such as Fortnite

6. Special backup for players

Improvements from previous seasons

1. Subscription feature has been tuned

2. More category to the shop

3. Adjusted audio

It will be available on Android and iOS on 17 May 2019. However, the schedule can change due to updates. Stay with us, and we’ll update you more recent news of the game.


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