Lucifer season 5 Netflix release date: Will there be another series?

Lucifer season 5: Is there going to be a fifth series on Netflix?

Lucifer season 5

Lucifer season 5 is officially confirmed by the Netflix itself. But most of the fans have some queries like the Tom Ellis coming back again for another season. Then what will it have in the next sequel?  As this show is top notch the best drama show with the devil there is so much more than they can do with the show especially now that it has switched to Netflix.

Lucifer can somehow get into the gates of heaven in the fifth season in order to convince his father that he has changed and should be able to return to earth with Chloe. Or some evil ass creature could escape from hell for a season what about his mom and that universe he told her to build for herself and start fresh.

So much could happen that’s why fans cannot wait. Tom Ellis is such great actor viewers can’t wait to see what other things he will dive into when it comes to Lucifer’s mental state as well. Keep in mind that he is battling his own physique throughout the show from the beginning. Fans are predicting more and more seasons of Lucifer. So that they can watch the series till to the end.

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When Will Lucifer Season 5 Be Released On Netflix?

If the season 4 will have a green light from the fans then the season 5 may be out in May 2020. And it will have some 10 more episodes in it.

Will there be another series of Lucifer?

However, it is not easy to say anything because Netflix has released season 4 on 8th May 2019. And it is looking the response from the viewers. Then after deducting the fans reviews, it can go ahead for further decisions.

Fans hated to hear it would only be 10 episodes on Netflix. But they were true to their word that it would have more content. The storyline carried the weight in every episode. It was captivating. There is so much more of each character’s personality displayed that made me love them to begin with.

However, the acting is very well done, the cast is amazing and the script is great. Fans are interesting to have more seasons and more episodes in the next season! Because season 4 leaving some queries remain unanswered. So fans can hope that there may be more season of the series to complete the story properly.



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