Being Expressive With Your Messages: The Right Emojis To Use

Messages: The Right Emojis To Use

Since we have come so far in terms of technological advancements, the need for handwritten letters and messages has decreased. It has now taken the form of simple text messaging. We’ve developed so much technology that it seems like everyone has a phone, tablet, or laptop in their hands. So communicating efficiently is something you’ll need to learn. Using right emojis, you can communicate the general tone you use in your text. 

Why? Since most of our communication is done through texts, we can’t really put much emotion into what we’re saying, which could lead to some misunderstandings. So the solution to this would be a couple of emoji that could save you from those misunderstandings.

What is an “emoji” anyway? It’s just a little digital image or an icon that shows a face that will help you deliver a specific emotion or idea across. To not make your messages seem too tense or dull, the use of an emoji will quickly solve those issues. 

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Showing Your Anger/Frustration?

Like the emoji shown in that sub-heading, you’ll typically find that the other mad emojis share some similarities, like the red color to signify the anger paired with an angry expression. There will be some occasions where you need to use this mad emoji to show others that you didn’t like a particular thing that they did or said. 

Don’t go overboard with this emoji because it will feel like you aren’t serious with the message you sent. It will just feel like you’re putting on an act and aren’t actually upset, so using only one to three will do just fine. 

Showing Your Disbelief/Surprise ?

Again, there are other emojis that can show the same emotion. Still, the one we put in the sub-heading is probably the most generic one to use when expressing disbelief or surprise. The variations you’d see of this emoji is actually more expressive than just a simple face with an open mouth, something like a someone screaming in fear.

I’m sure you can think of many situations when you’d want to use this, like finding out about a canceled event. Unlike the previous emoji, it’s completely fine to go overboard with this one – to further emphasize your awe and shock.

Showing Your Anguish/Sadness ?

Usually, you’d just go through with an emoji of someone pouting. Still, with the addition of a single tear, your sadness can be more effectively expressed. The two feelings that can be represented with this emoji can be related to sorrow or pain. Its variations clearly show much anguish, with both eyes crying a river or a disappointed expression. 

I guess you could really only use this emoji when you receive some bad news, or something didn’t really go out the way you wanted. Exaggerating your anguish is possible as well if you just spam these emojis in your message. 

Showing Your Happiness/Satisfaction ?

Seeing a smiling emoji is sure to brighten up your message. It could even show that you were delighted with what someone did or said. This is sure to lighten up the mood and show to the other person that you are pleased. The variations will all show some sort of simple smile, or maybe even a full ear-to-ear grin.

There’s no harm in going overboard with this emoji either since you’ll just be displaying your happiness and bright personality. I’m sure that there isn’t anyone that won’t understand what this emoji means. 


Using right emojis helps you in any situation whenever you’re talking to a friend or colleague. Using right emojis will always communicate your emotion and can efficiently express it. They could even prevent the other person from getting the wrong impression in the message that you sent. It’s also a sure-fire way to lighten up the mood and to keep it that way. 


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