Lucifer season 5

Lucifer has taken a turn for the best as our main character aka Lucifer Morningstar storms in and takes over the whole entire show. With his handsome personality, the best part about the show is how everything provides a plot and twists, unlike any other shows.

The best thing is that fans don’t have to watch based on the ships, they can just watch for fun and entertainment by making conspiracy theories and getting every prediction wrong. The best part even is that the devil doesn’t hide in secret and is actually open.

Fans are now waiting for season 4 revival. It would really like to know what the story is after detective Decker Checkout that the sometimes emotional, sometimes reckless, sometimes surprising, stupid but nice & caring partner Lucifer is “THE DEVIL HIMSELF”.

However, the Lucifer season 5 will explore 10 episodes of the series. And later on, the 6 more episodes are added in the season 5. Therefore, it will bring total of 16 episodes now.

From Lucifer’s point of view, it will be amazing to see. Well, he never lied to decker about himself. But he never showed his face to her maybe because of fear of losing her. Plus after he knows that she saw his true face his fear really comes to life. What will be the emotional change in the devil himself? And how he process this change.

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This show really gave “THE DEVIL” a really New Concept with more complex crime cases more relation drama and a much darker Lucifer with the same human personality.

Moreover, Lucifer Season 5 will air out in the start of 2020.

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