Actress Darcy Jacobs receives praise for her performance in Short film “Missing a Note”

Actress Darcy Jacobs

Actress Darcy Jacobs, who stars in “Missing a Note” by Fact Not Fiction Films has been praised for her onscreen performance. 

The young actress stars alongside Game of Thrones actor Ian McElhinney in the critically acclaimed drama. Jacobs, who also featured in the short “You Can Cry” portrays a schoolgirl who aspires to become a singer. In her quest to pursue her passion, she’s given the opportunity to perform for a legendary retired opera singer – in the hope that he will be able to write her a good scholarship report. But John, who is grappling with a diminishing memory, is becoming more affected in his day-to-day life by dementia, leading to some surprises for Molly as she seeks to perfect her singing technique.

Her on-screen performance has led to glowing reviews and the film’s production was recently highlighted by the BBC. The film’s producer, Tristan Loraine was also inspired by her acting ability, saying that “young actress Darcy Jacobs is such an amazing talent” after speaking with reporters in London. 

Jacobs is also voicing a character for an upcoming Dreamworks Animation series production and has previously played the role of Little Cosette in the West End theatre production of Les Miserables. 

“Missing a Note” aims to highlight dementia, and how the condition impacts people of all ages differently. For those suffering from short-term memory loss, to family members that see their loved ones changing personality – it is a difficult condition that currently has no cure. However, if it is diagnosed early enough, there are ways in which it can be managed with specialist care and treatment to help those affected by its symptoms. 

Producers of “Missing a Note” also seeks to raise awareness of the work that UK charity Dementia Matters are doing to help support people going through dementia. The filmmakers behind the project wish to help educate people with a story that can appeal to a wide audience in order that the condition can be better understood, and so that people who recognize its early symptoms can get the help that they need. 

Some of the effects that dementia can have include memory loss, difficulty in concentration, getting confused about what time or place it is, sudden and unexplained mood changes, general confusion, difficulty in carrying out daily tasks, and finding the right words in conversations. It is considered that the condition is not a natural part of aging, and therefore it is important to understand some of the early symptoms to be able to deal with its effects later in life. 

According to Film Industry Network, the film secured a theatrical release in the U.K. and in the U.S. where it will also be submitted as a contender for the 2020 Academy Awards. Shorts that get nominated by the Academy Awards are then able to receive larger theatrical releases and gain considerable additional exposure in the media. 

The film was recently classified by the UK’s BBFC as U-rated and will be shown at selected screens prior to the highly anticipated feature-length film “Downton Abbey” this September, which premiered earlier this month and will follow the storyline of the hugely popular TV series. 

“Missing a Note” will also be screened theatrically in the U.S., starting September 13th at Landmark’s Nuart Theatre, an art-house cinema in Los Angeles where audiences will be able to view the short film and discover the lighthearted drama that tells an important story. (  

To find out screening times for “Missing a note” you can visit the official website for more details, and learn more about the film’s storyline, its cast, and crew. 


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