13 Reasons Why Season 4: 5 Things You Should Know About The Finale!

13 Reasons Why Season 4: 5 Things You Should Know About The Finale!

13 Reasons Why

This series is not for the weak. There are many predetermined scenes with shocking beatings, fighting. However, all parents with pre-teen and older school/college-aged kids should watch this to better have an understanding of what they may be exposed to. School today is not at all what we had growing up. Kids are way more resourceful, entitled and cruel. This is not an enjoyable watch weekly series. It is very intense. Emotionally disturbing, educational and a good reality check.

Season 3 also has some adventurous shots that have to lead the viewers to watch season 4. Therefore, they are incredibly willing to watch season 4.

However, here I will show you some 5 points that you should know before watching it.

1. Will Season Four Be All About Monty?

The investigation of Bryce’s murder ended when police arrested the wrong person. As this murder case is very complicated and it is difficult to conclude the results. In the ending, it had been Montgomery who posthumously got the blame for Bryce’s death through a minimum of one person acknowledges that the story Clay’s friends knowing the police to implicate Monty was a lie.

Monty, who is closeted, was obtaining physical with one amongst Bryce’s Hillcrest classmates, Winston Williams, as Bryce was being murdered; he later visited jail for sexually assaulting Tyler Down (Devin Druid). As Bryce’s murder investigation was closing, Clay’s friend Ani realized Monty had been overwhelmed to death in jail.

Thus she and therefore the remainder of Clay’s friends stapled Bryce’s murder on him. Winston confronted cuckoo regarding the lie at the top of this season. And if this show’s patterns hold next season, it appears possible we tend to haven’t detected the last from him (or Monty) simply nonetheless.

2. What will the Fisherman Do With Tyler’s Guns?

When Clay and Tony Padilla surfaced Tyler’s plans to conduct a mass shooting at their school’s Spring Fling, they born all of Tyler’s guns within the stream, and once this season, a fisher found them within the water. It’s not clear whether or not Clay and Tony had the foresight to wipe any fingerprints off the guns or if their serial numbers would possibly trace back to Tyler and his family.

3. Will Justin and Jessica be a Couple?

Jessica is brave, and therefore the reclamation of her body and gender was one in all this season’s high points. But when what happened with Bryce, she remains somewhat fragile. 13 Reasons Why Season four can proceed to explore the sophisticated wrinkles in her relationship with Justin. Ultimately decide whether or not Justin and Jessica’s love for each other is adequate to beat the trauma they need each endured.

4. Will Things Finally Change in Liberty High School?

Many things have happened in the Liberty High School. However, all the teachers and the others are trying to bring some good change in school. Therefore, they will be successful or not, watch this season.

5. Will Tony’s Family Ever Return to the U.S.?

Tony’s family got deported after Bryce’s father informed authorities of their immigration status. Though Tony and his little sister, Graciella, were both born in the U.S. Tony sent Graciella to live with their uncle and aunt in Arizona. At the end of the season, he and his boyfriend, Caleb, video-chatted with Tony’s family.

Earlier in the season, Tony was set on rejoining his family, and it’s unclear. If he still plans to do so. It appears unlikely that Tony will be content to have his sister living so far away, and his parents even further.

It is hard to say what he can do to rectify the situation. Still, this is “13 Reasons Why”, so it seems very likely that he’s going to try.


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