List of Black Friday Sales 2018 Ads

List of Black Friday Sales 2018 Ads

Since this year Black Friday is a bit earlier than usual, on Nov 23. Thereby, shoppers have ample time of 51 days for chasing ads. So, catch the best deals and set your shopping plans.

The most popular shopping watchdog BFads website predicted that the majority of retailers will launch their circular ads in November. Even though the website says them “ad leaks”. However, they have actually planned releases.

Last year, Target released its ad on Nov. However, Best Buy and Walmart was closed till Nov 8. Thereby, also says that this year, it is more likely to see the same ads in November’s first week.

Looking the past years, Harbor Freight is anticipated to release its Black Friday ad this week. Prior to about two months, the official shopping season has begun. Also, last year released in October were True Value, Kohl’s, and Rite Aid.

As in years past, Harbor Freight is expected to release its Black Friday ad this week — nearly two months before the official holiday shopping season begins. Also, Kohl’s, True Value and Rite Aid released in October’s last week in 2017.

However, the million dollar question: Is still Black Friday the official start? As the online retailers including Amazon placed sales overall the November, spurring the “holiday creep”.

Cyber Monday, White Wednesday, Gray Thursday, and several others are the additional days featuring the holiday shopping sales.


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