Life Is Strange 2 Episode 5: What To Expect?

Life Is Strange 2

This game is amazing and deserves more attention. Life is Strange 2 is the only game of the series that fans found interesting enough to play. The players have found Life is Strange 2 interesting and its choices/consequences/plot do matter in the end. Because of the character, Max has powers herself.

The sequel is different in that the main character Sean, does not have power while his younger brother Daniel does. This is interesting because your player choice has more weight and consequence because Daniel ultimately decides what to do with it.

Daniel is very realistic in his young and impressionable age. Your choices in-game directly influence Daniel and his own behavior. Daniel can be good and he can be bad, but it’s at the fault of the player.

The game is simple in that of a road trip and a journey, but the game can be intense at times which fans like more. Fans have its 4 episodes and now 5th episode is on hand. They will find a new story in the upcoming episode and will be very much looking forward to the finale.

Whereas, fans are expecting some happy ending of this game. As the fifth episode may be the last episode of the series. And this may air out on 3rd December 2019. Therefore, fans are waiting for much thrill and suspense in the series. And they are very anticipating to know what will happen in the finale of “Life Is Strange 2”.


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