How Love Alarm Season 1’s Ending Set Ups Season 2? See Here!

How Love Alarm Season 1’s Ending Set-Ups Season 2? See Here!

Love Alarm Season 1

“Love Alarm” is really entertaining, but it is a bit too fast-paced and has too many flashbacks and left plot holes throughout.

It would have helped if it had 16 episodes so that they can thoroughly address the events of the show without it seeming a bit rushed and the flashbacks took time away from the events of the show.

Actually everyone did a very good job. The director picked the important parts of the Weston and made it look natural. The minus point of this drama is the lack of connection between lead characters. But then deep inside you will definitely feel the circumstances too. The screenplay is the biggest plus point in this drama. Fans loved all the OSTs, music score that very is fresh and entertaining.

Kim So Hyun makes the drama amazing. She is one of the best actresses who is performing her role very perfectly. In this drama, there is a huge amount of jealousy and love and that makes it way more interesting and exciting. The viewers can’t wait for the next season. They want to see who Kim Jojo will choose either SunHo or Hye Young. Both guys are unique in different ways and rung her alarm. Now the upcoming season will tell you who will she choose?

Therefore, the ending of “Love Alarm Season 1” will give a clear platform for the second season. Thus the new episode will bring more alarming moments of the drama for fans.

However, till now Netflix has not revealed any next sequel for the drama. But soon it will announce and then we will inform you later. Till then stay tuned to us for more updates!

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