La Casa de Papel ( Money Heist ) Part 3 Release and Plot Details

La Casa de Papel

Netflix’s Spanish Series La Casa de Papel Going to Back on Screen with its Season 2, Look Down for the Details!

Spanish Web Series La Casa de Papel or it’s English version Money Heist has won billion of hearts since it first hit the Netflix.

Season 1 consisted of 2 parts follows the storyline focused on a bank heist biggest ever in history. So, the viewers witnessed that a mysterious man hired 8 people capable of different skills, perfect for the execution of the plan. The 8 of 8 people ought only thing to chase, Money.  So, they no doubt are perfect for Money Heist. 

However, at the end of these people depart from each other as they got what they wanted, the money.

Now, as the makers are bringing part 3 of the series, fans are eager to know how these will get back to each other. However, Part 3 will be season 2 of the series.

In season 2, viewers will have another array of crime-action sequences set for another Money Heist. As money appears to be the only thing which the 8 of 8 chases, they will surely destine to get back as a team for another Money Heist. Maybe, some new faces will also enter the series.

The Season 2 will hit Netflix on 19 July 2019.

Stay tuned for more updates.


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