GTA 6: Important Things Beside Gameplay Features And Rumors!

GTA 6: Important Things Beside Gameplay Features And Rumors!

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GTA 6 is the most awaiting game. Fans are excitedly going to play the game. So here I will tell you something important to you. So, you have to know about it before buying the game.

Expected Release Date

The release date of GTA 6 has more time to air. So fans have to wait for more for the launching of the game. But it is expected the game will come in next year.


It is reported that GTA six can have a feature of microtransactions, therefore this may be a large move by Rockstar Games if this enforced. Therefore, players can permit buying the virtual product in their game and have a lot of competitive setting. Microtransactions are very hip in several games like Pubg and lots of others, therefore this might be a revolution for GTA six.

Platforms of Release

It is already set that GTA six are exclusive on new generation consoles like PS5 and Xbox two. However, there’s one move that may be an accomplishment for GTA six that the sport is offered for PS5 just for a length of a month. It’ll clearly provide a bonus to Sony within the race of consoles sales.

Fans are exciting for the GTA six and computer Gamers particularly as they ne’er need another episode like GTA five. Once the game is already airing on consoles. However, it’ll take two years for GTA five to come back out on the computer.

So if you’re excited concerning GTA and considering buying it. Therefore you must confine my mind that the game is offered on PS5. Therefore if you’re a PS4 or Xbox One user, you higher be careful about the game and lower your expectations as you may get frustrated with this move of Rockstar.

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